10 Most Kawaii (Cute) 100cm Japanese Sex Dolls

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When we think of something “kawaii“, we think about lovely, cute things and people. Therefore, kawaii dolls are companions with delicate expressions and features. But, what happens if we take the “kawaii” concept to Japanese sex dolls of barely 100cm tall?

Let’s find out!

Some of these dolls have very mature, curvy bodies, but you will find yourself “awwing” over her cute small bodies and lovely, innocent faces!

Whether you’re looking for a more budget-friendly option, a smart way to save space in the closet or a doll with just the right height for oral pleasure while standing…

We got you covered! In this list, we will get to see 10 most kawaii Japanese sex dolls standing at 100cm tall!

1. You Will Lose Your Mind Over This Beach Babe

100cm Mini Japanese Sex Dolls

What can you do at the beach, let me show you… I am waiting you at X Queen Dolls

Her face expression might seem innocent, but her supple body is ready for whatever your fantasies are!

With big breasts, a hourglass figure and huge butt and legs, this doll is a favorite for those who are into curvy figures, and her tan skin makes her look perfect in bathing suits!

2. What’s Not To Love About This Mini-Sized Idol?

Mini Sized Idol Bess

Mini-Sized Idol, Bess is having a concert this weekend, get your ticket here.

Pop idols are one of the hottest trends all over Asia, especially in Japan!

They represent beauty, fashion, and sex appeal icons, so everybody wants to be like their idols or with their idols.

This doll will make you feel like you are dating one of the most popular kawaii idols in the world. And the best part is, you get to go backstage with her every night!

3. This Blonde Will Tempt You With Her Juicy Lips

100cm sex doll Enid

Don’t stare at Enid. When Enid is shy, Enid’s nipples will erect. Calm Enid’s nipples here.

….and the lips on her mouth might be appealing to you as well 😉 !

This beautiful doll has wide, expressive eyes, a must to be considered “kawaii”. Plus, her dainty features add to her cuteness factor without making her look childish at all!

Still staring at her? Stop that or bring her home. You are making her pussy really wet like after a tough battle with Poseidon.

4. For The HUGE Breast Lovers…

huge breasts japanese mini love doll Tomokazu

Konnichiwa, you can visit Tomokazu “World Cup” size boobies at BestLoveSexDoll.com

Below her cute face features you will find the most massive breasts you can think of!

She would be the sex doll goddess for those into “oppai”, the Japanese term for the fetish associated with huge breasts.

If your darkest fantasy is being crushed between two gigantic, soft, massive breasts, she is definitely the doll for you.

Mind you, you will need special underwear for her papaya boobs!

5. You Will Fall For This Snow White Lookalike

Leila Mini Sex Doll

Hi, I am snow white’s god sister Leila. I’m waiting you in my castle.

Black hair, white skin, red lips and a heavenly body makes this doll one of the most kawaii on the list. With a slim body and delicate features, she makes for the perfect Japanese girl.

*Screw* Prince Florian… You can give her a better kiss and protect her from the evil witch! Be her charming prince today and start your fairy tale with this cute little princess.

6. Petite Body With Lots Of Personality

Naughty Rosemary

Naughty Rosemary, the dream mini sex doll for you.You can find her at X Queen Dolls

Her appearance might be that of a very timid, naive girl. But don’t let that fool you; she’s not of the shy type.

You will swoon over her enticing eyes and seductive smirk.

And she surely is easy to handle and bend into any position thanks to her slim body, which is a somewhat realistic copy of the typical Japanese girl, except for her particular height.

7. Between Fantasy & Reality

Mary with big and ripe booty

Mary with big and ripe booty from BestLoveSexDoll.com

Big expressive eyes to die for. Cute, delicate Asian face features.

Perky breasts and superb limberness… But the best part about this 100cm doll?

It’s the perfect mix between fantasy and reality.

You can make her look like an anime girl or like the real thing. Double the cuteness!

8. Fit Body & Innocent Eyes Willing To Please You

Exotic Haruka Mini Love Doll

Exotic Haruka, mini love doll from BestLoveSexDoll.com

This doll leans heavily in one of the things the Japanese consider “kawaii” the most: huge, candid eyes and an innocent look.

But aside from that, she has one of the most seductive bodies you will find in this category!

Bouncy boobs and a bubble butt to die for, a tiny waist and just the right height for some oral fun… Budget warning: Her innocent eyes will get you buy anything for her!

9. For The Plus-size Fans…

Plus size mini sex doll with moaning sound

Plus-size mini sex doll with moaning sound from Doll Love Online

This doll has every curve in the right place and some more for those who love some booty to grab hold onto.

It’s her submissive expression given by her closed eyes what makes her one of the most kawaii dolls on this list.

You can also enhance this doll by adding moaning noises!

10. The Perfect 100cm Anime Girl Love Doll!

100cm anime sex doll

Hi, my name is Kimmy from Sexy Sex Doll

And we save the best for last… What would be of the “kawaii” concept without considering manga and anime?

This lovely doll has all the features of an anime girl, especially in her face! Take her home with you and dare to live all kinds of adventures with her, even ecchi situations!

If you like anime character, you might like this post too, “15 Cute Anime Sex Dolls That Steal Your Heart!

Conclusions: 100cm Japanese Sex Dolls

When it comes to small, adorable dolls, there are tons of options for you to choose, and Japanese sex dolls are among the best!

You can also consider buying cosplay outfits to take their “kawaii” factor even higher.

Did you enjoy our doll selection?

What’s your favorite doll on the list?

Let us know and the comments!

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