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Let’s Introduce The Thick Big Ass

Dominique Sex Doll

If you are looking for unlimited and satisfaction-guaranteed pleasure, Dominique will fulfill it beyond your wildest dreams. The Dominique doll has a thicker ass and wider hips that will bring you to eternal arousal.

This doll has “thick girl” features with lovely and wild curves. Experience shameless and fierce sexual pleasure with Dominique doll together with her H-cup breast that will definitely leave you with endless satisfaction.

You can never resist this curvy and sexy big-ass sex doll. Dominique’s story is made of realistic series that men will find her more attractive.

Dominique is supposed to finish her nursing study and training but her sexuality brings her into more daring and bolder life scenes.

Life led her to strip into a gentleman’s club in Las Vegas and there she found her greatest ability. Instead of learning and studying, she ended up fucking doctors and male medical practitioners, according to this lovely ethereal sex bomb.

She finds stripping enjoyable even when she dreams of becoming a nurse. Thus, she finds it sexy and meaningful more than any other jobs she tried before.

Dominique… The fulfillment of your…

Wildest sexual desires

The sexy silicone wife stands at 163 cm tall with the perfect big ass and an amazingly perfect appearance. Smashed with the hottest level of sex appeal, you will definitely want to smash Dominique all the way every single time.

The doll is framed with steel skeleton making it truly stand and structured like a human. It is made from TPE material that makes its skin firm, soft, and a little elastic. It also have movable joints so you can make her do any positions you want just like fucking a real lovely human.

Whether you want anal, oral, and vaginal penetration, Dominique will give it to you without any complaints.

Dominique Sex Doll
Dominique Thick Sex Doll
Dominique Thick Sex Doll
Dominique LoveDoll
Dominique Adult Doll
Dominique Love Doll
Love Doll Dominique
Dominique AdultDoll
Dominique SexDoll
Dominique Thick Love Doll
Sex Doll Dominique

Dominique Sex Doll

Features & Measurement

Dominic weighs 48.50 kgs. Her statistics come as 37.8 inches Bust size, 26.4 inches waistline, and 43.3 inches hips size.

Her anal and vaginal holes are 6.7 inches and a mouth that can stretch to 5.1 inches so every fuck is totally and surely tight. She can also do sounds like different moaning sounds to fulfil your wildest and sexiest desires.

Enjoy her bouncy breasts and smooth realistic skin.

Dominique key features

Key Features

H-Cup TPE Sex Doll

5 feet 4 inches tall (163 cm)

Vaginal, Anal and Oral sex

Steel Skeleton

Movable joints

Dominique Doll Measurements

Doll Measurements

Height: 5 feet 4 inches (163 cm)
Weight: 107 lbs (48.5 kg)


Bust: 37.8 inches
Waist: 26.4 inches
Hips: 43.3 inches

Hole Depth

Vagina: 6.7 inches
Anus: 6.7 inches
Mouth: 5.1 inches

Dominique Doll Shipping Information

Shipping Information

Free International Shipping

Discreet Packaging

3 weeks total delivery time

Dominique Big Ass Thick Sex Doll
Take Dominique home and start a new life in your fantasy world

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