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What You’ll learn

On this special page, you will discover all the hidden gems and make your man desperate to have you every night!

It doesn’t matter if you are a experience, just got a boyfriend or never touch a man before… You will acquire the skills to make your partner moan with pleasure, having exploding orgasm and obsessed for you!

romantic sex skills

incredible Sex Skills For Women

Make Your Man Moan With A Snap Of A Finger!

There are many ways to pleasure your man!

Such as play his balls, fire up all his nerve ending with your mouth, give him an explosive and orgasmic blow, use his body as jumbo Tic Tac Toe and many more…

But these are just the tip of the iceberg. Below are all the incredible sex skills that him worship you!


Jack’s BJ Lessons

Discover how you can simply mastering the art of blowjobs and makes any man sexually addicted to you!

Text Chemistry

Learn how you too can send the secret ‘Desire’ text message that men are powerless to resist!

His Secret Obsession

Discover the secrets to tap into a man’s natural obsession and spark a man’s desire by channelling this obsessive drive!

Language of Desire

How to unleash your NAUGHTY side and make a man sexually obsessed with you without even touching him.

Make Him Worship You

Make him chase you like he is a hunter and you are the prize he has been searching for his entire life.

Stroke of Genius

A simple way to make any woman – no matter how shy, conservative and inexperienced into a “handjob genius”.

How To Kiss A Man

Discover the secret reason men hate kissing you (ouch.) and learn exactly how to KISS a man to make him fall in LOVE. . .

what They’re Saying

Testimonials From happy customers

“He basically passed out in the end. I have never felt so self-confident in my life.”

My boyfriend and I have been together for over 5 years. I had tried making him climax plenty of times….but since we were each other’s only sex partner, it was hard to know what to do.

Although the language was a little coarse, it was what I needed to understand what I was doing wrong. I finally tried it out on him and he basically passed out in the end.

I have never felt so self-confident in my life. So thank you for spicing up my sex life a little bit….I think it definitely helped my relationship.


A Happy Customer From Jack's BJ Lessons

“All I Can Say Is WOW!!”

The Language Of Desire is AWESOME. It doesn’t feel slimy and sleazy like other sex advice products. This one actually showed me a way that I can tap into my sexual and sensual side without coming across as a slut.

Felicity gets down to the nitty gritty, cuts out the fluff and totally delivers quality advice that I could use instantly. IN FACT, I just used one of her tips from Module 5 on the element of surprise on my husband this afternoon and all i can say is WOW 🙂

Big thumbs up from me on this product.

Marni Kinrys

A Happy Customer From Language Of Desire

“It also has helped our relationship and we arent fighting as much anymore.”

I use to HATE HATE HATE giving blowjobs because i had NO idea how to but i read your online articles and now thats all my boyfriend wants me to do.

As weird as it sounds it also has helped our relationship and we arent fighting as much anymore. its an amazing transformation so THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!


A Happy Customer From Jack's BJ Lessons

“Brought my ex husband back!”

Hi I really loved this program I was divorced for about a year still could not get over my soul mate. I tried dating and I just didn’t feel it in my heart.

Then I tried your techniques in your language of desire on my ex husband everything fell into place the passion is hotter than before and we are starting a new life again…

He asked me to marry him and our marriage is the best Just making small changes can give you a lifetime of happiness…

Thank you for this fantastic program


A Happy Customer From Language Of Desire

“I absolutely LOOOOVVVEEE the fact that what I want I GET now.”

..My sex life has never been better!! Honestly, I doubted the whole “he will even start shaking” part, but dam was I wrong!!!

He just started shouting “YEAA!! F**K YEAAAHHH!! OH MY F**KING GOD!!! YES! YES! YES!” which is a miracle all in itself because he’s Christian and I’ve never heard him say the word f**k and ‘god’ in the same sentence.

I absolutely LOOOOVVVEEE the fact that what I want I GET now. i just say the word and he’s running for it, all because of a blowjob 😉

I feel soo much happier now, like there’s this ‘wow’ factor to the sex now that we have never experienced before. I’m sure ill be able to keep (and control ;D) my boyfriend for a very long time now.


A Happy Customer From Jack's BJ Lessons

“I wish I had known about this course years before.”

“Mike’s Make Him Worship You has practical, play-by-play steps of exactly what to do – and they work.”

“It was almost scary how fast his behavior towards me flipped towards the better.”

Sydney, Jessica & Kathleen

Three Happy Customer From "Make Him Worship You"


My boyfriend wants to know if I took a ‘Naughty Minx’ course because he is floored with how hot things have become in the bedroom.

He LOVES my newly acquired “Madonna Moan” so much that he tries anything he can to hear it all the time now. There is nothing left to say but THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!!!!

Bea Patterson

A Happy Customer From Language Of Desire


Thank you Felicity for changing my life! My husband and I were having sex once, maybe twice a month. I was convinced that I had tried every trick to get him interested in sex and failed miserably.

After reading your book, I started teasing him via text while we were visiting his grandmother. It was fun watching him squirm from across the room.

By the time we got home, he couldn’t keep his hands off of me. I used the Madonna Moan, which was very liberating and excited him. He even opened up and told me his fantasies! Much to my surprise we had hot, passionate sex three times in 24 hours!

Not only was this well-written and fun to read, but it TRULY WORKS!! I am recommending your book to all of my friends!


A Happy Customer From Language Of Desire

“Kept Her Sailor Thinking Of Her – Best Phone Sex Ever”

My BF is a sailor and even though we live in the same county, our work schedules have been crazy. I sent him a couple of emails and texts and was rewarded with the most mind-blowing phone sex ever


A Happy Customer From Language Of Desire

“My husband is “in love” with me. He loves the new me. I wish I did this a long time ago.”

Well since reading your book. Our love has connected us, on many levels, I would of never believed it without seeing it with my own eyes, my husband is “in love” with me.

He loves the new me, I send him little text messages, and he get’s arroused, and so do I just thinking about, being with him. We actually feel as though we are having a affair with each other, because the things we are doing and saying, would under normal circumstances, would never happen. I feel young again, and like I am in love for the first time.

But thank you again for the advise, and education on how to perform oral sex. My man is crazy for me, I wish I did this a long time ago.


A Happy Customer From Jack's BJ Lessons

“Maria from Seattle, WA says…”

…he always lamely reply me with one word answers and stuff… but then, I started using some of your texts and….

Omg… he suddenly wouldn’t stop texting me and calling me… he weirdly wanted to spend so much time with me… and he even took the time out of his busy day just to take me out for lunch!

Like, no guy has ever done that for me… especially a guy that busy!!

And ever since I started to use your text messages, I could just sense him becoming more and more interested in me…. And last night, he told me he LOVED me! I can’t believe it…


A Happy Customer From Text Chemistry

“I made him cum THREE TIMES sucking his cock in under five minutes each.”

This is a letter of success.. though not what I set out to succeed but success none the less. Christian never did get a second bj out of me because I dumped his sorry ass after him putting me down one time too often.

I met a new guy in Arizona… and last night we had our third date – here at my house for swimming, dinner cooked by me and hang out.

I made him cum THREE TIMES sucking his cock in under five minutes each. I swallowed TWICE and licked it off and ate it the other time. He told me that I am awesome. I can’t thank you enough!


A Happy Customer From Jack's BJ Lessons

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