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Introducing Rip Enchantment J-Cup…

Piper Doll Ariel

My name is Ariel and I am a young student. Some sudden unfortunate events have made me alone in this world.

Now, I just need a strong male partner who can take care of my innocent body.

I am still a teen and people stare at my soft boobs and cute butt. It’s really difficult for me to save myself. I have nobody at my home and I have no male friends.

So, would you be the person who can safeguard my bosom at night?

I don’t know anything about sex. But now I have hit puberty and my body is craving some strong and hard male possessions. People are now calling me – Piper Doll Ariel.

Let’s Get Some Bleesing From…

Piper Doll Ariel J-Cup Boobies

Once you come close to me, I will never leave you. I promise that. I will do whatever you tell me. Just don’t leave me at night.

Please sleep close to me.

My pink nipples want to feel your fingers and my sweet cheeks are getting warm. You will be the first person who will teach me sex. So, I will surrender my young body and heaving bosoms to you.

Will you please give me shelter in your home?

Piperdoll Ariel 100cm
Piper Doll Ariel J-cup
ariel piper doll sexy
100cm Piperdoll Silicone Ariel
Piper Doll Ariel Big Boobs
Silicone Ariel Piper Doll
Ariel Piperdoll
Piperdoll 100cm Silicone Ariel
Ariel Piper Doll Big Boobs
Piperdoll Ariel Big Boobs
Silicone Piperdoll Ariel
Piper Doll Ariel 100cm
100cm Silicone Piper Doll Ariel
Piperdoll Ariel
100cm Ariel piperdoll
Ariel Piperdoll 100cm
100cm piper doll Ariel
sexy ariel piper doll
Silicone Piper Doll Ariel
Piper Doll 100cm Silicone Ariel
100cm piperdoll Ariel
Ariel Piper Doll
Ariel Piperdoll J-Cup
100cm Silicone Piperdoll Ariel
Piperdoll Ariel J-Cup
Ariel Piper Silicone Doll
Ariel Piperdoll Big Boobs
100cm Ariel piper doll
100cm Piper Doll Silicone Ariel
Piper Doll Silicone Ariel
sexy piper doll ariel
Piperdoll Silicone Ariel

I will be the girl who will bend and spread. Your strong hard organ will be in my warm mouth and I will enjoy it till you say ‘stop’. I am very shy and I can’t share my sensual feelings with others.

But, I think once you find my cute body in your possession, you won’t be able to leave me. My body is too soft and too young. My holes are tight and my desires are limitless. So, I think it will take long hours to satisfy me.

Please share your bed with me at night. I will be in my nightwear.

Would you?

Piper Doll Ariel

Features & Measurement

Ariel has a very lightweight body (26.4 lbs.). This means you can take her on your lap and you can try any position with her.

Ariel’s innocent face and ideal 3 feet 4 inches body make her a young school student who just doesn’t know anything about wild sex.

You will get vaginal (5.1 inches depth) and anal sex (3.1 inches) options in this original piper doll. Its complexion has a certain luster and the eyes of this doll are enough to trigger a high seduction level. So, save this young girl and spend some nights with her.

Piper Doll Ariel Key Features

Key Features

Rip Enchantment J-Cup


TPE Sex Doll

3 feet 4 inches tall (100 cm)

Vaginal And Anal Sex

Piper Doll Ariel Measurements

Doll Measurements

Height: 3 feet 4 inches (100 cm)
Weight: 26.4 lbs (12 kg)


Bust: 22.8 inches (58.5cm)
Foot: 5.1 inches (13.5cm)
Waist: 12.6 inches (32.6cm)
Hips: 22.8 inches (58.5cm)

Hole Depth

Vagina Depth: 5.1 inches (13.5cm)
Anus Depth: 3.1 inches (8cm)

piper doll ariel shipping information

Shipping Information

Packed compact and secure in a 15mm thick cardboard box wich is stronger than traditional cardboard box)

Fully trackable online.

100% discreet shipment without any reference to the shipment’s content

25-35 working days delivery time

Ariel is a TPE sex doll. Therefore, it’s really soft and full of elasticity. The J-cup sized boobs are enormous and they feel real. These boobies are rare and they can satisfy any male. Naturally, you would always want to keep your hands on these J-cups.

Piper Doll Ariel Offer
Take Ariel home and start a new life in your fantasy world

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