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Introducing The Almighty…

Jade Sex Doll

Jade (Jade Li) is the woman who can do everything. Cook, clean, run a business, and run a household and still at the end of the day; be ready and willing to pleasure you.

One might have thought her shy to begin with but when she walks into the room, she commands everyone’s attention, no matter the situation.

Jade Sex Doll is sure to command your attention just the same and be willing to give hers in return.

Being on top is no problem for her, she likes to ride, being on top in the workplace and at home so she can control her pleasure and yours.

She is sure to make you finish in any of her holes, all available for your use.

You may be thinking, if she likes to be on top so much, what would she think of me wanting to control her?

Well, she is just begging for someone strong enough to finally take the reigns from her and allow her to relax completely into your control.

Long story short… Let’s see…

Jade Sex Doll’s Sexy Photos

Dress Jade Love Doll in something slinky and make sure you show just how much in charge of her you are, or take charge in front of her colleagues to remind her just how little her career matters to you.

As soon as she realizes that she has found her perfect mate she will do anything for you.

She can be shaved or natural to your desire, just tell her what you want, and the world will open up to both of you.

Jade Sex Doll
Jade SexDoll
Jade Li PleasureDoll
Jade Li Sex Doll
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Jade Li Adult Doll
Jade PleasureDoll
Jade Li LoveDoll
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Jade Pleasure Doll
Jade Li FuckDoll
Jade Li Pleasure Doll
Jade Li Fuck Doll
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Jade LoveDoll
Jade Adult Doll
Jade Fuck Doll
Jade AdultDoll
Jade Love Doll
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Jade Li Love Doll
Jade Li AdultDoll

Jade Sex Doll

Features & Measurement

jade sex doll key features

Key Features

Amazing J Cup

Traditional TPE / Soft TPE /
Ultra Soft TPE

Vaginal, Anal and Oral Sex

Double Hinged Elbow and Knee Joints

Moaning Option

Customizable Hair, Eyes, Freckless, Makeup, Nipple Size, Pubic Hair and more.

jade sex doll measurement

Doll Measurements

Height: 171cm / 5ft6″
Weight: 33kg / 72.7lbs


Bust: 82cm / 32.2″
Waist: 43cm / 16.9″
Hips: 83cm / 32.6″
Leg: 85cm / 33.4″
Shoulders: 39cm / 15.3″

Jade Sex Doll Shipping Information

Shipping Information

Discreet Billing – A generic company name will appear on your bank statement

Discreet Packaging – Your order will arrive in very plain and secure packaging

Delivery Times – Worldwide Delivery  between 5 to 10 working days

Delivery Method – Airmail via Fedex or UPS depending on the delivery country

Don’t waste your time getting to her, she knows what she wants, and she won’t stick around forever.

Hurry up to make sure she knows that you can be who she needs in all areas of life and use her to your satisfaction, because in truth…

That’s all that matters to her.

Jade Li Sex Doll main
Take Jade Li home and start a new life in your fantasy world

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