Top 10 Charming Male Sex Dolls That Make You Climax With Tickly Explosion!

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SEX DOLLS are the entrance to a world that allows you to explore your desires, get to know yourself, and even lose the shyness you may have at the moment of a sexual relationship with another person.

They adapt to your needs, you can dress them as you wish and they will always be willing to please you.

But pleasure doesn’t only come in the form of a woman, to explore all your fantasies… There are also male sex dolls that will make you live an amazing experience, no matter if you are a woman, a man, or your sexual preference.

What Is Male Sex Doll?

This model of sex doll, unlike the female version, do not have breasts, but a muscular torso and a penis that can be adapted to the size you want.

In addition, in some cases, the penis is removable so the possibilities are beyond infinite. However… Do you know which is the perfect male sex doll for you?

If the answer is “No”… Don’t worry, you’re in the right place.

Top 10 Male Sex Dolls

Below, we have prepared for you the top 10 male sex dolls that will help you make the decision that best suits your tastes and needs.

male sex doll for women mekoly

Mekoly Male Sex Doll, Image by Amazon

This model of male sex doll from the brand Movitip, is one of the most basic. It is a muscular torso, a well-defined penis for you to enjoy good vaginal or anal sex.

It also includes well-defined internal and external details in 3D that give a more realistic feeling to your experience.

The 3D structure allows each small raised particle or each groove to provide extremely pleasant sensations to your body.

It also has an anal cavity that you can also use, in case you want to penetrate it.

You will have a 7.7-inch long penis at your disposal.

180cm male doll randy

180cm Male Doll Randy, image by Sexdollgenie

Randy is one of the most beautiful male sex dolls you will ever meet.

Although not only does he stand out because of that, but also because of his great height (180CM | 5′ 9″) artistically sculpted torso to make him look definitely muscular and also, because of his round and well-defined butt.

Just a glance at it will make you think that this specimen could well be an athlete, but in this case, his only sport will be to give you pleasure.

The biggest advantage of this particular model is that you can add accessories that will increase the fun, for example, a flaccid or erect penis.

You can also add the color of your skin that you like and adapt it to your needs. We are sure that this model will make you very happy.

170cm male doll carle

170cm Male Sex Doll Carle, image by Sexdollgenie

Carle is one of the most masculine models on this list, with armpit, chest, pubic and facial hair that gives a touch of realism and masculinity to her appearance.

Like Randy, this Sex Doll Genie model is also completely configurable, so you can adapt it to your needs and desires.

You can even add accessories that will help you increase the pleasure, such as a flat or rolled up tongue that you can play with.

Although he is only 170CM | 5′ 5″, Carle will show you that she can satisfy you.

gladiator realistic male sex doll

Gladiator Realistic Sex Doll, image by Sexy Real Sex Dolls

This gladiator, from the Real Sexdoll Store brand, is a tough guy in the best Roman gladiator style.

His appearance is that of an imposing and powerful man who will make you vibrate once you try him.

His realistic, silicone surgical skin is made up to make his muscular torso look even more pronounced, like a gladiator who has just come from battle and is looking for a “good night’s sleep.” 

In addition, your body can be placed in various positions that will help you realize your fantasies.

Without a doubt, you will enjoy every second in his company.

silicone male sex doll steven

Silicone Male Sex Doll Steven, image by Horny Sex Dolls

Steven is a realistic-looking love doll whose face and look will make you sigh as soon as he comes into your hands.

His skin is soft to the touch and realistic looking, plus his face is carefully made so you can see and feel him like a real boy. It is completely movable and adaptable to you.

This model is not as muscular as other options, which may be even more realistic since not all boys are handsome and muscular.

However, it will compensate very well with its 175 cm height and its well-defined penis.

japanese male sex doll

Japanese male sex doll, image by Alibaba

This particular doll is subtle in appearance, with delicate features that make it look beautiful without being overdone.

Their appearance is similar to that of Japanese or even Korean boys (who are very fashionable thanks to the Idols).

His build is that of a slim boy but it is still really attractive.

You can also move his body to make the most of his positions so his 175 cm height will be more than enough for enjoyment.

175cm Real Sex Dolls

175cm Real Silicone Sex Dolls, image by WM Doll

This boy is another Asian-looking specimen, very similar to any K-pop idol, with the advantage that this one is designed for you to enjoy good moments with him in bed, kitchen, living room, or wherever your body asks for it.

His eyes are slightly slanted, which further accentuates that image of an Asian boy, and his body, unlike the previous model, is more muscular.

At 175 cm tall, he has the appearance of a real boy who will always be ready to give you pleasure.

He has all the disposition to be used for oral, anal, and vaginal sex according to your preference so you will not have limitations with him!

You will fall in love and enjoy his company.

luxury male sex doll james

Luxury Male Sex Doll James, image by Etsy

James is a male sex doll who won’t let you down. Just looking at him will make you think he is a handsome and wealthy guy.

His detailed finish gives him the appearance of a luxurious doll but one that you can enjoy at an average cost.

In addition, it has a penis of 18cm long by 4.5 cm in diameter, which makes it a doll specially designed to give you pleasure and unique sensations.

This beautiful specimen will make you live out your wildest fantasies with a soft-touch, realistic body that can make you touch heaven or hell according to your most hidden desires.

Anime Male Sex Doll Patrick

Anime Male Sex Doll Patrick, image by Silicon Wives

If you are a fan of anime, Patrick will be perfect for you.

With his angelic face in the best vampire anime style, he will remind you of Kakashi Hatake (Naruto) or Kaneki Ken (Tokyo Ghoul).

This particular model has many fans, both men and women, as it is able to please both.

It has a removable penis that allows you to adapt it to the size you want and at the same time, it will make it easier to clean.

It is 1.60 cm tall and its body is completely movable, which will allow you to place it in the position you like best for your total enjoyment.

Patrick will make you fall in love with his delicate face carved with attention to every detail. It will be like making your dream of bringing your favorite anime character to bed come true.

custom male sex doll

Custom Male Sex Doll, image by Real Doll

Reall Doll is one of the best options you can find when it comes to looking for the most beautiful and exciting male sex doll.

It is a store that does not offer you just one model, it offers you the possibilities to do it as you like and configure from your skin color, eyes, and hair, to the length of your penis, height, and shape.

All their dolls are made with excellent quality materials, medical-grade not to compromise your health, resistant and with an internal structure made on the basis of a metal skeleton, so it has joints and allows you to place it in the position you like.

The doll you decide to ask for will be hyper-realistic so it will give you unmatched sensations, you can even decide if you want to leave him a penis of a certain size or that this is interchangeable, greater variety, greater pleasure.

But not everything can be perfect, the only disadvantage with these sex dolls, is their price since the order you make will be $ 6000.00, however, it is a price that anyone would be willing to pay for all the options it offers.

Conclusion For Top 10 Male Sex Dolls

After seeing this list, you are probably already thinking about asking for the male sex doll that best suits you.

Which one was your favorite?

If we have to leave by some option, then the first three places have the same order of priorities, handsome dolls, of seductive appearance, and capable of providing highly realistic sensations.

Without a doubt, they can make any mortal go up to heaven or go down to hell, pleasure is just a click away, and it is a guaranteed pleasure.

Don’t forget to share this information with your friends and also tell us what you thought. Did you find what you were looking for?

We definitely do.


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