Difference Between Mini Sex Doll And Child Sex Doll?

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Mini sex dolls and child sex dolls are often mistaken for each other.

It is important to point out that mini sex dolls are made in an attempt to appeal to a broader audience and to further convenience the future owners of said items in terms of maintenance and storage.

The same could be argued about child sex dolls, but the differences in key body shaping and face features are abysmal.

Throughout this article, the differences between each will be pointed out.

The sale and distribution of child sex dolls is restricted and criminalized in most countries, with countries varying in measures from confiscation of the items to imposing fines and imprisoning the seller.

You must check your own country’s sex doll laws before acquiring a child sex doll.

While it is hard to argue that this is done on grounds of being child pornography, as no actual child is involved, in most countries, childlike sex dolls are typified as “obscene material” and are considerably less welcome than other sex toys.

Differentiate Child Sex Doll And Mini Sex Doll Using “Size”

The sheer size of a mini doll is the main reason why these are often mistaken by people for childlike dolls.

In fact, in some cases regarding the import of mini sex dolls, it could be difficult to justify only by size that there are different from child sex dolls. However, size can still be used as a differentiator.

Due to the uprising outrage on e-Commerce website allowing the sale of child sex dolls, many websites such as Amazon and AliExpress have taken careful but strict measures to make sure no item related to child pornography is sold on their websites.

This includes adding an implicit size standard on items such as sex dolls. In most websites, it is not possible to find dolls under 140 cm. Some websites, however, have taken this standard to the 100cm mark.

See some examples of 100 cm mini sex dolls here: https://sexdollogy.com/100-cm-japanese-sex-dolls/.

IMPORTANT: Child sex dolls, on the other hand, range from 50 cm to 120 cm tall, with approximate ages of representation ranging from 5 to 12 years old.

Body Proportions Of Mini Doll And Childlike Doll

The body proportions are also an important factor to differentiate a mini sex doll from their childlike counterpart.

Most mini love dolls will feature the body proportions typical of an adult woman of the appointed size or resort to “shrink” the proportions of an average-sized woman (for example, a 170cm average woman shrunk to fit a 120cm mould, which would make said figure smaller in height, width and length).

In the latter case, it would still be noticeable that the mini sex dolls has adult features (wide hips, narrow waist, developed breasts, thighs, hands and feet, etc).

On the other hand, child sex dolls are made to resemble the underdeveloped features of children between 5 and 12 years old.

Flat chest, undertoned limbs (skinny arms and legs), underdeveloped hands and feet added to childlike, realistic facial features are a good tell to identify a childlike sex doll.

Fantasy Characters Fall Into Which Category?

Fantasy characters fall into the category of mini sex dolls.

Exaggerate or distorted features such as long, pointy ears, skin colors different to those of humans, etc., are clear indicatives of a mini sex doll.

This is especially true to features related to erogenous zones (huge breasts, buttocks, the presence of both penis and vagina).

Even though some may portray childlike facial features such as wide eyes, these features are often bordering on the cartoon side.

This is the case of, for instance, Anime and Manga character-inspired sex dolls.

Among them, you can find love dolls with childlike faces but with big breasts and wide hips, which are clearly unrealistic features for a child.

Don’t Neglect The Facial Features

The facial features themselves are also important to consider.

While a sex doll might have underdeveloped breasts or represent a fairly skinny woman, it will be easy to tell by the location and size of the eyes, nose, mouth and head itself whether we’re dealing with the model of an adult or of a child.

Most mini size doll heads wear heavy makeup or don slightly warped features to accentuate the adult in them.

The Price Of Small Sex Doll

The price of a mini doll is approximately 50% of that of a full-size doll.

Regardless of the material used, mini dolls require less material, which makes them a little less expensive.

In stark contrast, the legal and commercial risks associated with the manufacturing, sale and distribution of child sex dolls added to the relatively low availability of these items encourage their vendors to raise heavily their prices.

While a mini sex doll can be purchased for a price range within US$ 400 to US$ 1000, child sex dolls usually will be valued at the same price range of a full-sized doll (US$ 1000 – US$ 3000) or even higher (in some cases, up to US$ 5000).

Child Sex Dolls Vs Fashion Mannequins

The most obscure websites offering childlike dolls, either run or sponsored by the manufacturers of these dolls, will try their best to either censor the childlike features of the dolls or disguise them as custom made child dolls for Fashion industry or Fashion business.

However, it is important to state the following:

  • Most fashion mannequins or figurines are made with rigid materials, such as PET or PVC, as opposed to the TPE or silicon these websites offer as main building material for these dolls.
  • The average childlike fashion figurine will suggest the average shape of an infant without much detail, except for decals or paint details resembling facial features and hair. In some cases, both mannequins and sex dolls will use wigs; however, the intent of realism is far more obvious in the childlike sex toys.
  • The same lack of resolution could be pointed out in the body features. Fashion childlike busts or mannequins will not portray superficial genitalia whatsoever; much less feature “functional” genitalia, such as a TPE or silicon penis or a vaginal orifice. The same applies for oral or anal orifices, which are commonplace in child sex doll.


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