Jessica Rabbit Sex Doll Review With Customer Testimonials!

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Our Jessica Rabbit Sex Doll review takes a deep look at the doll based on the acclaimed cartoon sex symbol from “Who Framed Roger Rabbit?”.

Despite being nothing more than a cartoon, Jessica Rabbit has inspired numerous erotic media, such as…

  • Sex toons
  • 3d animations
  • Porn movies with women impersonating her
  • And even VR experiences

Imagine, how exciting would it be to have in your home a life-size lookalike ready to please you as much as you want?

Now, thanks to the Jessica Rabbit Sex Doll, you can fulfil your fantasies around the famous redhead!

Jessica Rabbit Sexdoll

“You don’t know how hard it is being a woman looking the way I do.” – Jessica Rabbit. (Image credited To Sexy Real Sex Doll

Things To Consider Before Buying This Doll

Get Jessica Or You Stroke Yourself

Sex dolls are great pleasure toys, but more and more people nowadays see them as life companions.

They provide a very important physical presence around the house, even though it is static; they require time and attention to perform maintenance, and of course, intercourse with a sex doll feels almost like the real thing, size and weight considered.

A special thing about these dolls is the customization: you can select how you want your doll to look like to the finest detail (skin color to the lips, labia, and areolas; hair and pubic hair, eyes, nails, etc).

Also, the feel of the materials of these dolls is very human-like. However, having such a doll does not come without challenges.

The ideal customer for a Jessica Rabbit Sexdoll will have thought ahead about the pricing (how much does the doll cost, including import taxes where applicable, home delivery, etc), the clothing, the storage space to use, and the maintenance they require.

If you’re not ready to dedicate time, space and money for your love doll, think of alternatives such as a flashlight and a VR set.

Presenting Jessica Rabbit Sexdoll

Introduce Jessica Sex Doll

Let’s check out the measurements of the Jessica Rabbit Sex Doll.

Oral, vaginal and anal capabilities
Height: 150cm | 4ft 11 inch
Waist: 48cm | 18.9 inch
Full Bust: 89.7cm | 35.3 inch
Hips: 80cm | 31.5 inch
Weight: 29.3kg | 64.6 lbs.
Under Bust: 52cm | 20.5 inch
Arm Length: 46cm | 18.1 inch
Vaginal Depth: 18cm | 7 inch
Anal Depth: 16cm | 6.3 inch
Oral Depth: 14cm | 5.5 inch
Shoulder Width: 32cm | 12.6 inch
Calf Circum: 29cm | 11.4 inch
Thigh Circum: 48cm | 18.9 inch
Leg Length: 82cm | 32.3 inch
Foot Length: 18.5cm | 7.3 inch
Carton Size: 154x38x26cm
Manufactured by Doll-Forever Sex Dolls

The Jessica Rabbit Sex Doll is based in the character with the same name from “Who Framed Roger Rabbit?”, made to satisfy the fantasies of men that imagine her in sexual situations.

She has a perfect, seamless petite body, a stunning face, a lovely bubble butt, and huge K-cup breasts that you won’t be able to ignore.

Compared to other dolls, it fits in the fantasy niche; however, you don’t have to be a cartoon or comic fan to feel aroused by Jessica Rabbit!

This makes the doll a perfect buy for almost anyone.

Unless you are into bigger dolls (155cm and above), or you’re not the biggest fan of the sexy redhead type, it’s hard to see how someone wouldn’t love having her at home.

jessica rabbit sex doll pros and cons

Pros – Jessica Rabbit Sexdoll

  • The Jessica Rabbit Sex Doll is a great doll for beginners. It’s a great deal for its price.
  • Platinum non-recycled TPE makes this doll both soft to touch and incredibly durable.
  • Her small size makes her easy to store, clean, and operate.
  • Her light weight makes her easy to handle yet feel incredibly realistic.

Cons – Jessica Rabbit Sexdoll

  • At a whopping K cup size, it will be rather challenging to find appropriate clothing for your doll.
  • Since this doll manufacturer doesn’t make interchangeable heads, you won’t be able to change your doll’s face.
  • You won’t find this doll in a torso version nor with a custom height. What you see is what you get.

Jessica Rabbit Love Doll Features & Benefits

Now, let’s start going through all the little (and big) things that make this doll so special.

The Perfect Balance Between Fantasy And Reality

Jessica Rabbit Fantasy and Reality

One of the first things you will notice when you look at the Jessica Rabbit sex doll is how well blended are the lifelike, human features and her original cartoonish appearance.

It is a fantasy model, after all; however, it is very pleasing to the eye. It actually looks very much like a real-life version of the character, which is quite impressive.

It is noteworthy that this doll is not an official depiction of the character; it was intentionally made to be a close depiction of the Who framed Roger Rabbit? – character we all know and lust for.

She has all of her signature elements: long red hair, plump, hot red lips and deep, lustful brown eyes with smokey green eyeshadow.

Jessica Rabbit Sex Doll Made From TPE

Jessica Rabbit TPE Sex Doll

The Jessica Rabbit sex doll is made of Platinum TPE (Thermoplastic Elastomer) skin.

This medical-grade material is the great contender of silicone when it comes to representing the look and feel of human skin and limbs: it’s highly realistic, easy to color, cheaper to mold than silicone and easier to repair, even by novice sex doll owners.

The result is a long lasting, highly realistic sex doll at a great price!

Seamless And Fully Jointed

Fully Jointed Sex Doll Jessica Rabbit

The Jessica Rabbit sex doll features a seamless, soft body supported by a metal skeleton with high mobility.

The steel skeleton of the Jessica Rabbit sex doll features the same joints found in a human skeleton.

This make it possible to position her in almost any pose that a real human body could achieve.

With a normal steel skeleton, most dolls will bend over, sit, spread her legs and arms; however, with the new EVO skeleton upgrade, the doll will be also able to squat.

As a result, she will always be ready to try any positions you can picture.

Jessica Rabbit Love Doll Can Perform All Kinds Of Sex

Jessica Can Perform All Kinds Of Sex

The Jessica Rabbit sex doll is more than capable of performing most types of intercourse.

She won’t say no to anything; you can make her yours anytime and in every way, be it vaginal, oral, o anal.

You can also get creative with her K-cup sized breasts!

Be mindful, anal cavities in sex dolls tend to be open, so handle them with care.

What People Say About Jessica Rabbit Sexdoll – Testimonials

customer testimonial make jessica cum

Scouring the internet, we found several reviews that reflect what people think about the Jessica Rabbit Sex Doll.

In comparison to the models, people is quite vocal about her, always in a positive way!

First-hand opinions of satisfied customers always speak volumes, especially when sex doll buyers tend to keep a low profile.

Gieram S. at Sexy Real Sex Dolls says:

“Pretty – I think that she has the most realistic and prettiest asian faces I have ever seen in the doll collection. She is simply beautiful and every way. The manufacturer of this dolls have surely outdone their selves in making this doll. I really love her in every way”

Even people who wouldn’t get her recognize her as a sublime doll.

Setevoltas at says:

“Wow, wow, wow. What a f*cking work of art. Not exactly my cup of tea, but that is just an impressive doll.”

People around the world can’t stop saying positive things about this sex doll.

jokerisalive at says:

“Jessica is one of the hottest dolls period. Amazing replica of her. Ultimate fantasy doll.”

Where Can You Buy Jessica Rabbit Sex Doll

1. Sexy Real Sex Dolls (SRSD)

Jessica Rabbit Sexy Real Sex Dolls

SRSD is one of the most reliable stores when it comes to high-quality dolls.

They offer several free and paid customizations for the Jessica Rabbit Sex doll, a free random outfit and free worldwide shipping included, for US$ 1999.

3. Real Love Sex Dolls

Jessica Rabbit Real Love Sex Dolls

This store has the Jessica Rabbit sex doll plus a hanging kit, free shipping, for US$ 2100. If you buy fom this store, you doll will come with the EVO skeleton upgrade by default.


In general terms, the Jessica Rabbit sex doll is a match made in heaven: all the sexiness of the cartoon and the realness of a seamless, lifelike sex doll.

She looks just like the character from the movie, even if you customize her geatly; she is small, light, easy to handle and maintain; and she is capable of providing amazing sexual experiences (even more so with the EVO skeleton upgrade).

No matter where you obtain her, Jessica Rabbit Sexdoll is excellently priced. She will give you endless hours of enjoyment and will never say no to any of your fantasies.

All in all, a safe yet exciting buy for sex doll beginners and fans of Jessica Rabbit with a couple thousand to spend.


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