How Long Does A Sex Doll Last? The Answer Will Shock You!

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How Long Does A Sex Doll Last? The simple answer to this question is that it depends because your sex doll life depends on several factors. 

It’s no doubt the love for sex dolls is on the rise. Therefore, if you’re on the brink of looking for a sex doll partner, you’re investing a fair amount of money.

Hence, it’s natural for you to want to know how long the doll will last. Here are some factors you need to take into consideration to get a return on investment.

The Sex Doll Material

What Are Sex Dolls Made Of Optimized

Blog Post: What Are Sex Dolls Made Of, Sex Doll Materials

Typically, sex dolls are made of the following materials;

    • Thermoplastic Elastomer (TPE)
    • Silicone

      There’s a raging debate on which material one should buy.

      Should you choose TPE because it’s fleshy, or should you buy a silicone made doll since it’s easy to clean and more durable?

      Either way, here is what you need to know about the two materials.


        Dolls made of TPE materials are not as hard as the ones made from silicon; thus, they require much care and attention.

        Besides, they can easily be ripped off easily. Nonetheless, if it’s looked after properly, it can give you long service.

        What Are Sex Dolls Made Of TPE

        Examples Of TPE Sex Dolls from Your Doll


        The silicone material is known to be non-porous; hence it can easily be cleaned. Besides, it’s hard and cannot tear easily, making it more durable than the TPE counterpart.

        The only demerit of buying a silicone sex doll is that it’s pricier and hard. However, if well taken care of, it can give you value for your money.

        Here’s an in-depth discussion on which material is better: TPE Vs Silicone Sex Doll

        How Long Does A Sex Doll Last VS How Often Do You Use The Doll?

        How Often You Use Your Sex Doll

        How Often You Use Your Sex Doll

        Typically, the more your sex doll is used, the faster it will wear out.

        Although wear and tear might not be a significant issue today since most dolls come with replaceable genitals, repair kits and TPE Glue to overcome the problem, it’s an issue that cannot be overlooked.

        Even with the repairs, it reaches a stage where repairs are no longer a feasible activity.

        How Rough You Are

        This Gorilla Need A Silicone Sex Doll

        Do you bang your doll like this gorilla?

        Just like human beings, handling sex toys might help avoid some injuries.

        Whenever you want to make love to your newly acquired doll, it’s a good idea to pay attention to what surface you place before you get busy by making love to them.

        As a human being, you would get injured if you’re propped against a rough surface; hence, we recommend that you treat your sex doll with such dignity if you want it to last longer.

        You need to protect them against the surface that might cause damage to them.

        The Lubricant Used

        Best Sex Doll Lubricants For TPE Doll Optimized

        Are you a fan of using lubricants? Well, if you’re, then this plays a significant role in how long your sex doll will last.

        Mostly, we recommend that you stick to using a water-based sex doll lubricant as opposed to oil-based ones. Using oil-based lubricants on TPE might lead to early damage.

        Although you can use an oil-based lubricant on silicone dolls, it’s difficult to clean up and remove. Besides, if you like using condoms, be sure to check if you can use them with a water-based lube.

        In return, this allows you to keep your doll for a long time.

        How Often You Clean The Doll VS How Long Does A Sex Doll Last

        If you were to go for a day without having a shower after sex, how would you feel?

        Stinking, right? Well, the same applies to your sex doll.

        It would help if you cleaned your partner periodically with warm water.

        You only need to use recommended agents by the manufacturer to clean them up and nothing else.

        Note that using dish soap and laundry detergents might not be appropriate to use on the surface.

        Although using alcohol-based lubricants may be ideal for sanitizing the surfaces, research indicates that it degrades TPE or silicone materials over time; thus, it sticks to the recommended cleaning agent.

        Additionally, it’s not recommended to use an abrasive material to clean the surface.

        You can use your hands or a soft cloth that cannot cause any damage wipe it down, and after every use, you should clean up the relevant parts.

        Cleaning it as soon as possible helps to avoid the growth of bacteria.

        Here’s an complete guide to keep your doll clean: How To Clean A Sex Doll

        How You Dry It Before Keeping It

        Once you’ve cleaned and rinsed off your doll, you need to dry all the orifices. Please do not keep your dish while it’s still wet.

        It’s recommended that you use a soft towel to clean it up by dabbing on the body rather than sloughing at it.

        Remember that any moisture or traces of water left on the crevices is a breeding environment for mildew and bacteria.

        Besides, you can apply talcum powder on the surface to provide some form of protection.

        How You Store It

        The place and how you store your sex doll is critical.

        Firstly, your sex doll should be kept out of direct sunlight. Additionally, the room in which you own the dish should be free from high-temperature fluctuations.

        Ideally, it should be kept in a cool, dry place. Moreover, it’s recommended that you store it in an upright position.

        If you store your doll in a folded position, it can lead to creases; and once crease lines are created, the areas weakens, and over time, they lead to tearing easily.

        If your doll came without a stand, we recommend getting one since they are not expensive.

        Additionally, if your doll doesn’t have a storage case, it would be wise to get a dust cloth for it. When choosing a dust cloth, ensure that it’s soft and made from natural materials.

        How Well You Follow The Routine Care Instructions

        Routine To Oil Sex Your Sex Doll

        Routine To Oil Sex Your Sex Doll

        Following routine care for your sex doll may help elongate their life span. In particular, for TPE, it’s recommended that you oil them once or twice a month.

        By doing so, you nourish the plastic by preventing it from getting brittle and dry. Although this might seem less important, it can help increase the life span of your doll.

        Now that you know the factors that affect how long a sex doll last, a well taken care of sex doll can last between 2 to 10 years.

        However, this will depend on the above factors. Hence, to get a good ROI, you need to take care of your sex doll partner.

        Final Thoughts

        Your final bet to elongate their lifespan and “How Long Does A Sex Doll Last” depends on how well you follow the manufacturer’s instructions.

        We wish you a twosome moment with your partner.

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            I understand that you have concerns about the safety sex toys.

            While opinions may vary, it’s important to note that the materials and manufacturing processes of sex dolls can greatly impact their safety and cleanliness.

            Many reputable manufacturers ensure that their sex dolls are made from body-safe materials and undergo rigorous quality control.

            However, it’s essential for individuals to educate themselves about the specific product they intend to use, including researching the manufacturer, reading reviews, and following proper cleaning and maintenance guidelines.

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            It’s always recommended to prioritize personal comfort and safety when choosing any sexual products.

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