Chinese Sex Doll Factory: Shocking News + Amazing Dolls

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While the idea of China being at the top of the world when it comes to most industries isn’t anything new, you might be surprised at their next booming industry – Sex Doll! Today, there are so many Chinese Sex Doll Factory and sex doll manufactorers in China.

Chinese Sex Doll Factory is building the wives and girlfriends of the future right now:

Chinese Sex Doll Technology

Chinese Sex Doll Industry Is Booming

As recent news articles have shown the Chinese sex doll industry is just booming, and if you are interested or already an owner chances are your synthetic girlfriend has a “Made in China” stamp.

While the country has had a weird relationship with the sex industry; to the point that sex shops only began to open until 1993.

Adult Toys Market Size In China

[Source: Daxue Consulting, adult toys market size in China]

The sex industry in the country has grown considerably, and is expected to reach a worth of 9 billion by this year.

And while it might be weird to think how much of it relies on sex dolls, China’s sex dolls aren’t quite run of the mill.

China’s current models are so advanced they even have skeletons. Compared to classic models where… well, the fun was the priority, this new generation of sex dolls aims to fully replicate all that makes a human.

China Sex Doll Factory Process

China Sex Doll Factory Process

As China tends to do its foray into the sex doll industry has proved to be as creative and over the top as any of their other technological breakthroughs.

There are also building sex dolls with artificial intelligence.

And whether you are a consumer or only curious there’s no denying that their take on the sex doll industry is nothing short of astounding.

That said if you are still curious for more feel free to look at the below video and get a better grasp of how their factories work.

Just don’t let your significant other catch you. laughing

Inside A Chinese Sex Doll Factory by BBC REEL

Inside A Chinese Sex Doll Factory

Inside A Chinese Sex Doll Factory, Video Credited To BBC Reel

Chinese Company Develops AI-powered Smart Dolls

Develops AI Powered Smart Sex Dolls

Develops AI-Powered Smart Sex Dolls


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