Dating A Sex Doll? Yes… It Happens And Save 1 LIFE In Japan!

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Before we discuss on this topic, lets find out why would anyone want to date a sex doll?

First of all, there are thousands of people out there with social phobias or complexes that hinder them from having a meaningful romantic relationship with the average woman.

Apart from that, there are also many men who have been scorned before and they can no longer put their trust in a living being.

Lastly, let’s also not forget the career man with no time for dating or the rich man who never knows if they’re after love or money.

What Dating A Sex Doll Is Like

Kaori And Senji Nakajima

Kaori And Senji Nakajima, Image credited to DailyMail

My silicone girlfriend is extremely quiet which is just how I like her.
She will never asks you to take her somewhere.
A love doll always loves what you give her
She feels so soft and she never slaps your hand away (unless you want her to).
My sex doll doesn’t need to eat but she always loves what I feed her.
She never nags me to do chores or to give her money.
I can do whatever I want to her. Yes, “whatever” I want and whenever I want to.
dating with a sex doll

This is how dating with a sex doll is like. Image credited to DailyMail.

Dating a sex doll means no monthly cycle and no pregnancy.
She doesn’t give you any STD’s
When you date a sex doll she never complains about the temperature.
She’s always there waiting on you when you get home and never cheat on you.
When you date a sex doll, her sole purpose in life is to please you.
You can watch porn with her and she loves it!
And many many more… What’s limiting you is your imagination!

In Japan, They’re Already Dating Sex Dolls

Shower With Sex Doll

Senji Nakajima having shower with Kaori, image credited to DailyMail.

There’s plenty of reasons for dating a sex doll, and in Japan they already are!

Take a look at “Dating a sex doll in Japan“. For this suicidal man, Senji Nakajima, dating a sex doll saved his life!

He said, “If these girls weren’t here, I would probable be preparing for my death”.

His story is amazing. Watch as he takes his dolls on dates and even showers with them. The town accepts his quirks and even serve his date drinks.

Let watch his video on how he lives happily with his love dolls in his own world.

Dating A Love Doll In Japan | Video by NBC Left Field

Are You Ready To Start Dating Your Own Sex Doll And Enjoy Staying Home Doing What You Really Want To!

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Dating a sex doll is not something new. Apart from Senji Nakajima from Japan, we have:

That’s all for today and I hope you get some inspiration here. If you see more stories like this, please don’t hesitate to leave a comment below. Talk soon!


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