Top 21 Most Popular Japanese Silicone Sex Doll In 2022

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It’s 2021 and most of us are still at home. We’ve overcome a long year with lots of challenges, and we’ve learned to live following the health procedures to stay safe.

However, we deserve some fun too, and by now, we would love some pleasant company.

Why not a beautiful sex doll?

Among all the options to choose from, for many, he very best dolls are Japanese sex dolls.

For this reason, we bring you our top selection in Japanese dolls to keep you company this year!

1. Olivia, The Hottest Japanese Model

Japanese Model Sex Doll Olivia

WM 163cm, C-Cup Lolly Lips Girl – Olivia

Women from Japan are highly sought after by model agencies because of their amazing looks, and Olivia is the perfect example.

She possesses a unique charm, deep blue eyes, a slender figure, small perky tits, and a youthful aspect that has earned her the “lolly lips” nickname on the runway scene.

Maybe you can figure out what are those lolly lips also good for off the runway?

2. Have Your Way With Hermina!

Japanese Silicone Sex Doll Hermina

6Ye 151cm, E-Cup Sensual Japanese Whore – Hermina

Countryside Japanese women are known to be timid, innocent, and naive.

For such a slow and sheltered lifestyle, it is expeted for women to act like so.

However, it is also said that deep down, they long for a man who can awaken their deepest, darkest desires.

Hermina has been waiting for such a man since she turned into a young woman…

She’s waiting for you to embrace her and make her feel like a woman.

3. Can’t Get Enough Of Kia’s Big Bubble Butt!

Sexy Real Japanese Sex Doll Kia

SY Dolls 158cm, Sexy Japanese Sex Doll with Big Butt – Kia

Kia is a rare sight compared to what you can see on Tokio or Osaka’s streets when it comes to girls.

But what a sight!

People can’t stop staring at her perfect round buttock and her big breasts.

She, of course, loves the attention, and loves using tight clothing and short skirts to show off her features.

However, she’s no easy lover, and she’s only interested in someone: you.

Will you accept Kia and take her home?

4. Enjoy This Cutting-Edge Doll With EVO Skeleton (Sasa)

Japanese Sex Doll - EVO Skeleton

DH168 156cm, EVO Skeleton Japanese Sex Doll – Sasa

What could be better than a beautiful love doll made of the best human-like materials?

Of course, the same doll with a skeleton enhancement!

What makes the dolls with an EVO skeleton upgrade so great? Well, for a start, they’re easier to balance. They are more limber… and the highlight of the upgrade: they can perform a deep squat!

With it, your doll can take on more complex and sexier poses… Get yours today!

5. Fall Prey Of Lana’s Charm

Japanese Sex Doll Lana

WM 148cm, D-Cup Japanese Sex Doll – Lana

Few dolls have a ‘wow’ factor like Lana does. Perhaps it’s her cute face. Or the fact that she enjoys being healthy and staying fit.

But let’s not fool ourselves. There’s a very raw energy in her, something that makes you want to take her to your place and make her yours…

She’s not an easy woman to conquer, though; as she loves “the hunt” and she takes pride in being no easy game.

Only the most charming and persistent of men will ever get a taste of that woman.

Do you want to try yourself and take a shot with Lana?

6. Enter The World Of Geisha With Lacey

Geisha Japanese Sex Doll lacey

WM 161cm, Geisha Japanese Sex Doll – Lacey

Lacey was born as the daughter of the owner of a very prominent geisha house.

When Lacey was a child, she used to watch all her mother’s geisha girls entertaining their `dannas’ (patrons), and even though her mother never wanted that life for her…

She learnt so much about the art of conversation, musicianship, good presence…and physical love from watching their couplings.

Though Lacey herself is not a trained geisha by profession, she knows enough about the magical geisha arts to keep you in her thrall for the rest of your life.

7. Tour Japan Alongside Yuko

If you are a new visitor to Japan, Yuko will be more than happy to be your tour guide.

She is going to show you around, bring you to the best places, cater you the best food, and of course, let you try the best girls.

If you don’t like the girls she is going to introduce you, she is going to be the escort– I mean, ambassador for you. Get the best taste of Japan from Yuko’s lips!

8. Every Hikikomori’s Dream Girl: Izumi Sagiri

What do you think of when you first see this girl? A sweet and innocent girl? Shy and lovely?

To some extent, you are right. She loves to stay in her own room and seldom meets people, very much like the average hikikomori (the term for stay-at-home young adults in Japan).

However, she works drawing eroge, and when she does, her personality changes completely: she turns into a lustful vixen.

Do you want to see her in action?

9. Sarah, A Girl With Lots Of Attitude

Born and raised in a very conservative and wealthy family, Sarah took advantage of a trip to the West to escape from her boring life.

She took whatever she had, pondered about the tedious and strict life that was awaiting her back in Japan, changed her Japanese nae to Sarah, and never looked back.

She’s looking for a man that bings excitement to her life; one who loves breaking the rules as much as she does. Will you be that man?

10. Leina, An Exotic Sight In Japan

Japanese people is often characterized with pale skin and rather flat bodies. However, this doesn’t ean you can’t find tan, curvy beauties like Leina.

Leina is from Okinawa– a very known region in Japan for being the birthplace of Karate, its beautiful beaches, for the long life expectancy of its natives…and now, for Leina.

A dremy sight, though she is by far one of the most realistic dolls on the list.

11. Discover Yui Shinohara’s Dark Secret…

Yui Shinohara looks like a cute, unassuming girl. She has a quiet living, a regular office job and she doesn’t go out too much.

Anywone would say she’s your textbook Plain Jane. But nobody knows the dark truth: she is a Gynoid, a female android built exclusively for pleasure.

Her naked figure and smooth skin are designed to arouse anyone around her, and her limberness and tightness will quench any erotic desires.

However, nobody else knew this. Now you do. What are you waiting for to take her home?

12. Queena, The Japanese MILF Of Your Dreams

Not every men fantasizes about young, petite Japanese girls. And there’s something for everyone in this list: we also have a MILF!

Queena has the appearance of a somewhat mature, yet well-kept woman.

What else can you ask for?

She has the looks and the limberness of a young girl with the experience and the sex drive of women who know what they want, and she wants you.

13. A Lustful Photoshoot With Reita

Reita is a very popular swimsuit and lingerie model.

You’d think there are a lot of affairs going on between photographers and models such as Reita, with all the partial (and sometimes full) nudity in lingerie photoshoots, but that is rarely the case.

Except this time you can’t stop staring at her, even when she’s not striking a pose. And you have the feeling she’s checking you out too…

14. A Hentai Goddess Just For You: Mertie!

Mertie is a very popular cosplayer all around the world. She looks like she came straight out from an ecchi manga, and she loves that almost as much as her fandom does.

Lately, she loves to tease her followers with lewd photoshoots and exclusive erotic content for her most loyal fans.

With L-cup breasts, tiny waist and thick thighs, who wouldn’t love to exploit their erotic side?

You can get a special “backstage pass” to her erotic photoshoots! Are you going to miss that chance?

15. Take On Selma’s Challenge!

This Japanese babe has a challenge you won’t resist.

Selma, or at least that’s her alias in the adult film world, has a lot of experience in the industry.

She’s been able to start her own successful porn web-show, where she challenges regular men to last in bed with her for more than 5 minutes, offering a $5000 price (and bragging rights).

So far, no man has been able to go past the 3-minute mark because of her amazing hips and tight body. Will you be able to win her challenge?

16. Damita: The “Schoolgirl” Seductress

Damita knows men lust after young, apparently naïve schoolgirls. And that’s the outfit she loves to use as a lure.

She picks up businessmen near their workplaces, seduces them acting as a lost little schoolgirl, gets them in the nearest hotel bed then steals from them.

Today, you were supposed to be just another mark in her con, but she felt something special with you. She wants to go home with you.

17. Meet The Japanese Amazonian, Antoinette

For Japanese standards, Antoinette is colossal- standing at 171cm of height (approximately 5’8”), while the average woman in her country measures about 149cm (4’11”, almost 5′).

She might not be a true Amazonian, but she’s sort of a goddess– eyes are on her wherever she goes! But tonight her eyes are set on you. Will you be able to keep up with this K-cup beauty?

18. Live The High Life With Marketta

Marketta is a refined woman from Japan who lived in Europe a couple of years because of her studies.

There, she fell in love with the high life: fine dining, luxurious dresses, socializing in the most exclusive venues, sipping champagne among the elite…

But deep down, as much as she loves comfort and luxury, she wishes to get away from all the empty people that boast it.

She wants to go on adventures with someone who genuinely enjoys life.

If you’re up for it, she could be yours.

19. Rikka: The Most Efficient Japanese Maid You Will Ever Know

In Japan, one of the most common fetishes revolves around maids. Loyal, blindly obedient, highly efficient women in housekeeping… and other ore pleasurable tasks.

Rikka is the perfect example of this. When at your service, Rikka will clean up everything you tell her to, she will leave everything spotless, even if she has to lick and suck to get it done…

20. Isabella, The Worldly Influencer

Isabella is a successful Brazilian-Japanese social media influencer.

She became very popular online by showing on her social media what’s like living in Brazil in a Japanese household, and eventually showing the highlights of both countries.

Now she does travel vlogs all around the world to learn about new cultures. She stumbled upon you in one of her trips, and hasn’t forgotten you ever since.

What are you waiting for?

21. Endless Hours Of Fun And Pleasure With Mavis

Mavis is the perfect embodiment of a Japanese love doll.

Cute and delicate face features, bright, wide eyes, smooth skin, a lovely petite figure and striking hair.

On top of that, she loves having fun and she’s open to any kinks you wish to explore with her, as long as you keep her happy.

She likes pastel color clothing, sweets, and long, deep massages.


Time goes flying when you’re in good company, and we assure you these dolls will keep you more than entertained!

If you’re a new love doll owner, any of these dolls are great to immerse yourself in this exciting world.

If you’re a connoiseur, you will recognize the quality and art in each of these dolls. Which doll was your favorite?

Let us know in the comments section!

Also, remember to share this list with the people you know would be better off in good company!


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