Sex Doll Bra Sizing Guide For Your Love Doll!

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In this post, you are going to discover the sex doll bra sizing guide for your love doll!

If you’re a breasts over butt type, you are already aware of how much a sex doll bra can impact the beauty of a chest, especially when your love doll is on display.

  • Give your doll a nice cleavage?
  • Shape and enhance the breast?
  • Enhance your doll’s natural sexiness?

Yes, a bra can do that too, but it’s really much more than just a fashion accessory.

A bra that is too big or too small is not only unsightly, but can also be damaging for your doll in the long run.

A sex doll bra that doesn’t fit properly can deform the breasts, back, and shoulders over time. Join us today to find out your doll’s right bra size and the options you have to dress (and undress) her!

boobs and sex doll bra

Sex Doll Bra Sizing Guide For Your Love Doll!

What’s Your Sex Doll Bra Size?

Choose Sex Doll Bra

Hi, my name is Hyoon. Saranghaeyo! I’m a Korean who working at SiliconWives. Please Help Me To Choose A Sexy Sex Doll Bra.

A bra size consists of a number and a letter. The first corresponds to the circumference of the back. And what does the letter of the bra size mean?

It’s a scale that refers to breast sizes, also referred to as “the cup”. Then, have to learn to differentiate between size and cup.

Sex Doll Bra Measurement

Sex Doll Bra Measurement

A fairly simple lesson, but one that many are still not quite sure about.

The cup is the outline above the breast (as at the height of your doll’s nipples) and the size, the outline below the breast (where the cup begins).

How To Calculate Your Doll’s Bra Size

Calculate Sex Doll Bra Size

Einstein Also Love Boobies… Especially Hyoon’s

In order to find the right bra, you must know your doll’s exact measurements, as they are decisive for finding the right size.

Generally, manufacturers and vendors lets you see a table with your doll’s specifications, and you can find her measurements there.

If you skipped, didn’t have access to or didn’t pay attention to those details…

  • First you measure underneath the breast,
  • And then the contour of the breast.

The size of the cups is obtained from the difference between the two measurements. The measurement should be taken without a bra and without clothing.

Measuring Underneath The Breast

Measuring Underneath The Breast

Measuring The Contour Of The Chest (Image Credited To wikiHow)

The perimeter of the chest can be measured in two different ways. It is necessary to measure just below the chest, without moving away from this area.

Make sure the tape measure is close to the skin and horizontal.

In principle, you should measure the perimeter twice. The first time without tightening the tape too much to the chest (it is important that you do not stick it in the skin). Take note of the number obtained.

The second time you should adjust the tape a little more to your doll’s chest, it may be a little tight.

This way, you will obtain a range which you can use to buy more than one bra size if you can’t find the closest one to your doll’s measure.

Measuring The Contour Of The Chest

Measuring Underneath The Breast

Measuring Underneath The Breast (Image Credited To wikiHow)

To obtain the exact measurement of the chest, you must place the tape measure in the most prominent part of the chest when measuring.

The measurement should always be taken with your doll standing upright. Make sure the tape measure is parallel to the floor and double check the measurement.

Determining the size of the bra cups is as important as knowing the size of the bra. Subtract the result from the measurements obtained in the previous step.

The ideal bra cup for your doll will be A if the difference is less than 1, B if it is between 1.5 and 2, C from 2.5 to 3, and so on.

Here’s A Quick Video For Sex Doll Bra Sizing Guide:

Identify Sex Doll Bra Size Without A Tape

Measure Sex Doll Bra Size Without A Tape

Tape is for the weak. Measure sex doll bra size without a tape.

You can also get your sex doll’s bra size without the need for a tape measure.

You can use a string or cord for this purpose. Use the string as described above and mark the exact length with a pencil.

You can then determine the correct size with the help of a ruler or meter.

Size Chart

Sex Doll Bra Sizing Guide Table 1

Sex Doll Bra Sizing Guide Table 1

Cup Chart

Sex Doll Bra Sizing Guide Table 2

Sex Doll Bra Sizing Guide Table 2

Band Size Conversion Chart

Sex Doll Bra Sizing Guide Table 3

Sex Doll Bra Sizing Guide Table 3

How To Choose The Right Bra Size?

Guess The Bra Size Correctly Or You Will Die

Choose The Bra Size Correctly Or You Will Die

Calculating sex doll bra sizing accurately is essential for every doll owner. But getting this information is only part of the process.

What else can you do to know the right bra size?

It is advisable to try on the lingerie she already has (most dolls come with a free random set of lingerie) and to detect any anomaly in the bra measurements.

If you don’t have one, you can get a high quality lingerie for sex doll here.

If it fits too tightly or too loosely, measure your doll and check again bra sizes. Doing this will be very helpful in deciding if you need a larger or smaller model.

The Cross-Size Rule

Cross Size Rule

Sex Doll Bra Sizing Guide: Cross-Size Rule

As the frame for most sex dolls tends to be small, bra sizes for sex dolls tend to be “warped”.

You usually have to aim for the smallest band sizes you can find combined with large cup sizes (with the exception of some fit and flat chested dolls).

So, if you find yourself having a doll with a D-sized cup, but a band measurement of 28 inches (in other words, a 28D)…

That might be a difficult bra to buy in the mainstream.

I Cant Find My Size

I Can’t Find My Size (Media Credited To 元龙 EP11)

But don’t worry! You can always use the cross-size rule: subtract a cup measurement and add accordingly to the band size.

So if you can’t find a 28D bra, look for a 30C bra and see how it fits your doll. In most cases, it will be as good a fit as your doll’s original measurement.

The Right Sex Doll Bra Sizing For Large Breasts

Cat Wear Bra

Is her breast as big as mine? (Image Credited To PetsLady)

Does your doll have a somewhat large bust?

Then it’s important that the bras you get her are the right size and fit her well.

Usually large breasts are heavy, and the right bra will provide optimal support.

When buying a bra you have to take into account that the support of this garment depends 80% on the band and not, as is often thought, on the straps.

If the bra band is too loose and deflects upwards, the weight of the breasts will be transferred to the straps.

Consequently, the straps will stick to the skin, causing marks in your doll’s skin and possibly stress deformities on her chest and shoulders.

Does your doll have large breasts?

Large Breasts Sex Doll

Large Breasts Sex Doll (Image credited to SiliconWives)

In this case, you will have to pay attention to the following aspects when selecting a bra:
Wide and padded straps, since they will not stick to the skin like the thinnest ones, and they will unload the neck and shoulder area.
A wider back, which will improve fit and reduce deforming of your doll’s material.
A wider band that has an anatomical shape and is made of a robust material. Underwired bras, in which the ring surrounds the lower part of the breast, as they support and shape the breasts at the same time.
A high central front, which provides optimal shape and support.
The bra should have a high cut in the neckline and underarms and have a soft closure to avoid marks and friction burns.
These types of bras are especially recommended for dolls with large breasts:
Big Bra For Sex Doll

The Queen Of All Bras…

Full-cup bras, as they offer optimum support. By covering the entire breast, they prevent it from moving.
Bras with a hoop, as they shape the breast and offer optimum support as long as the hoop surrounds the breast well.
Lace bras, that will cover your doll’s bust and add that sexy touch without putting pressure at all on your doll’s material.

What Are The Best Bras For Small Breasts?

Small Breast Sex Doll

Hey, this is Norika. She has small breast but she never lost her confident. Be like Norika!

Does your doll have small breasts? Then you don’t have to worry about extra support because of their weight.

In any case, small breasts are no reason to do without a good bra that can give them a nice shape.

If you want to increase the size of your doll’s breasts at a glance, you can use a push-up bra or silicone pads, for example.

However, always make sure the bra fits comfortably; you don’t want to deform your doll’s chest, which can be hard (not to say impossible) to repair.

Pointed Breast Bras

Does your doll have very pointy breasts and you don’t want her nipples to show under her clothes?

In that case, a basic bra or a traditional full-cup bra is a good option for you. The padding on these types of bras will prevent the doll’s nipples from showing under her clothes.

If, on the other hand, you want a little more volume, you can try a push-up, which enhances the breast and gives it a nice shape.

pointy breast

Pointy Breast, Image Credited To BraFittingsByCourt

Lace Bras Vs. Push-up Bras

Lace bras and bralettes are a good option overall because they cover your doll’s breasts without damaging them and still keep her sexiness.

However, you will eventually want some variety and step into the solid cup bras, which have great options available.

Most bras in this category, especially the ones with small sizes, comes with padding that serves as a push-up, to shape women’s breasts to make them look more appealing.

However, most dolls have a rather ideal breast shape and size; as you will rarely find any dolls with saggy, uneven or oddly shaped breasts.

Also, push-up bras could potentially deform over time your doll’s breasts if they’re somewhat large hollow, since the material gives way with constant pressure.

Push-up bras are best for small and flat-chested dolls, which won’t be affected much by the padding.

If you want a compromise between coverage, variety, and your doll’s durability, there are also full-cup or half-cup bras without padding at all!

Sex Doll Bra Sizing Guide Conclusion

Sex Doll Bra Sizing Guide Conclusion

“Now is the time to choose a bra for Hyoon. She will reward you with “surprise” beyond your imagination.”

Finding the right bra for your doll can be an arduous task of endless trial and error… or it can be very simple and fun once you know your doll’s measurements!

Remember the following pointers:

  • Always measure your doll without pressing the tape or string too hard against her skin.
  • If you don’t find her exact bra size, use the cross size rule.
  • Choose lace and bras without padding over push-up and underwired bras.

With this advice, you’re ready to explore a world full of sexy garments for your love doll!

Did you like this guide?

Do you have any tips and tricks of your own?

Let us know in the comments below!

Also, remember to share this with people who might need it!



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