15 Cute Anime Sex Dolls That Steal Your Heart!

15 Cute Anime Sex Dolls

Ever thought of having a really cute anime sex dolls that sleep, watch movie or even shower with you?  You came to the right place! 

Today, not only sushi and innovative technologies, the Japanese are also known worldwide for their great creativity and acceptance of sexual desire, although in reality, the greatest recognition goes to them for creating the Anime industry.


List Of Anime Sex Dolls

Android No.18
Dragon Ball Z

Street Fighter

Hatsune Miku

Super Sonico (Yuki)

Lisanna (Hinata)
Fairy Tail

Yumeko Jabami

One Piece

Sword Art Online

Log Horizon


Introduction To Anime Sex Dolls

Anime is more than a cartoon with an Asian style, it is a whole culture and has evolved to the point that more than one has fallen in love with an Anime character (literally).

But let's not just talk about love, let's talk about sex, if you like Anime, you probably know what "hentai" is, or maybe at some point you have come to fantasize about having a passionate night with your favorite character.

Quick questions...

Who hasn't dreamed of spending the night with Asuka (Evangelion)?

Or better yet, being rudely subdued by Android No. 18 (Dragon Ball Z)?

Today, thanks to technology and the evolution of sex dolls, it is possible.

Every Man Has A Goddess In His Heart!

There is something we all agree on, and that is no matter what the character is, the girls of Anime are capable of making us fall in love to the point of melting our hearts.

That's why on this occasion, I'd like to tell you about 15 beautiful anime sex dolls that could steal your heart with their winsome smiles...

You only have to see them once, and you'll feel like a "fool".

1. Teleport With Android No.18

Sex Doll

Android No.18 Anime Sex Doll

Android No.18 Anime Sex Doll, image credited to Your Doll


Android No.18

Android No.18 Wallpaper, image credited to Wallpaper Cave

Who doesn't know Dragon Ball and the beauty of Android No. 18?

This particular character is perhaps one of the first teenage crush of many adults today.

This particular anime sex doll will not only steal your heart with her tender look, she will also seduce you with her prominent bust (Size F) and her TPE material that will make her skin feel hyper-realistic, almost human to the touch.

She is a perfect companion to keep you company, Krilin definitely likes this.

2. Chun-li: Don't Mess With Her

Sex Doll

Chun-Li Adult Doll

Chun-Li Adult Doll, image credited to SexdollGenie



Chun-li Wallpaper, image credited to Wallpaper Cave

Street Fighter is a world-renowned game that has anime, movies and a story that has been greatly enhanced.

One of its sexiest characters is "Chun-li", a very pretty girl with prominent hips and well-defined legs, who comes from China and practices Kung Fu.

Although official descriptions indicate that Chun-li is 170cm tall, this 158cm doll does an excellent job of making it real.

You will fall in love with her and her slender body.

3. Hatsune Miku: A Fantasy Come True

Sex Doll

Hatsune Miku Anime Love Doll

Hatsune Miku Anime Love Doll, image credited to SexDollGenie


Hatsune Miku

Hatsune Miku Wallpaper, image credited to Wallpaper Cave

There is no doubt that one of everyone's favorite anime girls is Hatsune Miku, her beautiful voice is capable of melting any heart, plus it has been the main reason why she has become so famous.

But can you imagine taking her to bed? It would be a fantasy come true.

With a Mikudoll , exploring a world of perversions will be possible.

4. Super Sonico (Yuki): Super Sexy Anime Sex Doll!

Sex Doll

Yuki Busty Girl

Yuki Busty Girl, image credited to TenderDolls


Super Sonico

Super Sonico Anime Image, image credited to ZeroChan

Super Sonico was a character created with the purpose of being the mascot of a music festival, however, given its popularity it became a sexy Anime character that you can easily fall in love with.

Its beautiful and detailed curves along with its prominent bust, make this doll a work of art very similar to the animated character.

5. Sensuality With Hinata's School Uniform

Sex Doll

Hinata Anime School Girl

Hinata Anime School Girl, image credited to TenderDolls


Kanade Tachibanestyle

Kanade Tachibanestyle, image credited to WallpaperAccess


Lisanna Strauss

Lisanna Strauss, image credited to Neko Laura (Pinterest)

All of us at some point have fantasized about making our fantasies come true with a girl dressed as a schoolgirl.

This beautiful anime sex doll makes it possible, that grey hair in the best Kanade Tachibanestyle by Angel Beats or Lisanna Strauss from Fairy Tail, although the latter needs her blue eyes but that is easy to set up on the page.

This doll is a model that will make you sigh (or moan) just by looking at it.

6. Marilu (Izayoi Sakuya) Will Serve You Like A King

Sex Doll

Marilu Anime Maid Love Doll

Marilu Anime Maid Love Doll, image credited to SexDollGenie


Izayoi Sakuya

Izayoi Sakuya wallpaper, image credited to ZeroChan

Another of the most recurrent fantasies of many, is to submit to a Maid and what better way to do it than with a doll that looks like the fearsome Izayoi Sakuya (Touhou Project).

The truth is that when it is possible to change eye and hair color, the options can be limitless. Having fun with this doll can be deadly sweet.

7. Zosia (Nakano Azusa): Anime Sex Doll That Make You Remember Your First Love

Sex Doll

Zosia High Side Ponytail Sex Doll

Zosia High Side Ponytail Sex Doll, image credited to YourDoll


Nakano Azusa

Nakano Azusa Wallpaper, image credited to WallUp

Who doesn't fantasized with high side ponytail cute anime girls?

This doll's resemblance to Azusa Nakano from K-ON is incredible.

From the skin and eye color to her pigtails, delicate features and unequalled cuteness, you will fall for her, no matter what she's playing on the guitar or what she's wearing!

Azusa is not one to show skin frequently because she tans easily. However, she's willing to show you everything behind closed doors.

This lovely tsundere can't stand to be lonely. Take Azusa home with you today!

#8. An Angelically Demonic Tessie (Rias Gremory)

Sex Doll

Tessie Japanese Anime Sex Doll

Tessie Japanese Anime Sex Doll, image credited to zLoveDoll


Rias Gremory

Rias Gremory Wallpaper, image credited to DevianArt

A good redhead can't be missing from this list, that's why this beautiful doll has a privileged place.

Even though she wears an outfit with the best magic style, she bears a particular resemblance to Rias Gremory from High School DxD.

This particular redhead doll will seduce you with her look, her body and the best part, you can change her clothes and make her even more like your favorite redhead.

One thing I am sure of, you will fall in love like never before.

9. Seducing Lily (Amagami SS Girl) With Uniform

Sex Doll

Lilly Cute Asian Anime Sex Doll

Lilly Cute Asian Anime Sex Doll, image credited to Silicon Wives


Amagami SS Morishima Haruka

Amagami SS Morishima Haruka, image credited to Wallpaper Hi

Although I mentioned how easy it is to fall under the spell of an anime doll in a school uniform, I can't skip the classic school uniform that all girls in Japan usually wear.

This doll will make you sigh, not only for its outfit, but also for its look that fits perfectly with the Amagami SS girls' style.

You will like it so much that you will want to teach it at home.

10. Dora (Shera L.) Heal Your Soul With Elven Magic

Sex Doll

Dora Elf Anime Sex Doll

Dora Elf Anime Sex Doll, image credited to YourDoll


Shera L. Greenwood

Shera L. Greenwood, image credited to ZeroChan

You have probably come across some elf anime, and even video games where this type of character is quite common.

Elves are usually very beautiful and have really lush bodies. This doll is no exception, it is the spitting image of Shera L. Greenwood from Isekai Maō to Shōkan Shōjo no Dorei Majutsu.

You can customize your doll to make her even more similar and falling under her charms will be easy.

11. Exciting Bets With Yumeko Jabami

Sex Doll

Sexye Doll

Japanese Adult Sex Doll, image credited to Sexye Dolls Store


Yumeko Jabami

Yumeko Jabami Wallpaper, image credited to WallpaperCave

Kakegurui is an anime full of exciting hot girls, but the most exciting of all is its protagonist, Jabami Yumeko, who seems to have an orgasm every time she feels the adrenaline of a bet.

And although Yumeko doesn't usually lose in any game, you can make her lose with you and do with her what you want, she already has everything (Hair, Figure, Huge Breasts), the only thing she lacks is her particular uniform, but you can get that in any cosplay store.

12. Anime Sex Dolls With Burning Tenderness: Nami

Sex Doll

One Piece Nami Doll

One Piece Nami Doll, image credited to SexDollGenie



Nami wallpaper, image credited to WallpaperCave

If you like Anime, surely you know One Piece and I am 100% sure that more than once you have dreamed of seeing Nami naked and has a nosebleed like Sanji.

Let this sexy navigator travel around the world with you, steal your heart like a true pirate and conquer your soul with "Thunderbolt Tempo".

13. Find Your True Love With Suguha

Sex Doll

Suguha From SAO

Sexy Anime Doll, image credited to SEXYE Dolls Store


Kirigaya Suguha

Kirigaya Suguha, image credited to Geekorner

SAO is an anime that is full of beautiful girls and big breasts which has made me think on more than one occasion how lucky Kirito is as the main character.

Sugu is another girl that has awakened the desire of many, and this doll is the most similar you will find, especially for that particular outfit and similar to many wallpapers that some artists have made this character.

14. Naughty Tetra Will Make You Laugh Everyday

Sex Doll

Massin Life Size Anime Doll

Massin Life Size Anime Doll, image credited to zLoveDoll



Tetra from Log Horizon, image credited to ZeroChan

From gaming-inspired anime Log Horizon, ask yourself no more if Tetora (or Tetra) is a boy or a girl and let her show you!

As soon as you take her home, you will want to unequip her clothing and get playful with this Galaxy Idol.

15. Hey! But Not Everything Is Anime Sex Doll!

Sex Doll

Diva Game Character

D.va Bunny Doll, image credited to TenderDolls 



D.va wallpaper, image credited to imgur

When you talk about anime, you also talk about video games, so D.Va has a special place.

One of the most beautiful girls who is part of Overwatch, has made more than one person fall in love with her regardless of race, sex or religion.

Everyone falls under her spell, and with this doll you will too.

My Conclusion For Anime Sex Dolls

One of the things I like best about Anime is that it allows you to fantasize about incredible worlds. The anime sex dolls make that possibility a reality.

Did you like the list? The truth is that making it made me want to buy my own Anime doll and watch my favorite series in her company.

Let me know in the comments which would be your perfect anime girl?

Maybe we will give some manufacturers ideas to make our dreams come true.


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