5 Exciting Sex Doll Clothes For Asian Sex Dolls!

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For many men, meeting the woman of their dreams can take some time; however, nowadays, there are several options in the market that give each one the possibility to make it come true.

The sex dolls are designed to make the user look and feel like a real person, flesh and blood

In the market of sex dolls, one of the most requested are Asian sex dolls.

These dolls in particular look so alive, they come with authentic looks and skin that feels real to the touch. This makes it possible for each user to enjoy their sexual experience to the fullest.

The real intention of the manufacturers is to provide a toy that gives everyone the possibility to explore all their sexual fantasies and a companion that everyone can personalise in their own way.

Some prefer to do it with accessories but others are inclined to wear exciting “sex doll clothes”: light, medium or exaggeratedly erotic lingerie, clothes that can make them look like normal girls or even costumes.

Sex Doll Clothes For Asian Sex Dolls?

Clothing is an extremely important erotic element when it comes to exploring your fantasies and what you want to do with your doll. Choosing the right clothing that suits your needs will depend on your imagination.

Each user can accompany their Asian sex doll with an erotic schoolgirl, nurse or maid uniform, lingerie or even the outfit you want to personalise, according to the taste of each user.

But those options are only the most sought after, the variety is so great, that you will have unlimited possibilities to dress your companion.

If what you like is geek or anime fashion, you can dress her with a cosplay or put her in the costume of your favourite heroine or villain.

Your Creativity Has No Limits

One of the characteristics that you should take into account when choosing the outfit for your sex doll is that it is made of a special silicone so that you can feel exactly like a person.

Therefore, when selecting the outfit you should choose clothes made of materials that will not stain or deteriorate the skin of your doll.

Imagine she is a person and as such you must take care of her and protect her so she stays perfect over the years.

Advantages Of Dressing Asian Sex Dolls

Today, sex dolls are increasingly popular in Asia and the world.

As the pressure of life increases, more and more people are refusing to get married and have children. Using sex dolls can make friends and solve various problems of sexual desire. Due to increased demand, the industrial development of sex dolls has accelerated.

Today, sex dolls are made of 100% safe medical silicone and TPE, which is very realistic in terms of touch and feel.

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For many, a doll with Asian features can be even more exciting and enjoyable. In addition, clothing options can awaken the morbidity and desire we harbour inside.

When you have your Asian sex doll in your hands you will not be able to stop admiring her beauty, you will even want to dress her even more beautifully to highlight all her attributes.

One of the main advantages when dressing her is that your doll will always be the same size, will not gain or lose weight, so the clothes will be as durable as the care you provide.

Another advantage is that you can explore very interesting fetishes, nowadays there are many stores that offer a great variety of suits and accessories with which you can explore them.

Imagine that you have the possibility of going to bed with a character similar to your favourite K-pop star. Or you can make your dream of having a fiery sexual relationship with an anime character come true.

A great advantage that gives you the ability to change your doll according to your taste, is that you will not always have the same one. You can look for the perfect fit by adding accessories, wigs and any other garment that enhances the beauty of your Asian sex doll.

Addressing The Controversy

However, despite the great enjoyment and pleasure that a sex doll, or especially an Asian sex doll, can provide, for some cultures this can be offensive.

There are even those who still think that disguising and having sex with a silicone doll is a childish and immature practice.

For example, for some it may be childish to have sex with a realistic Hatsune Miku doll, a doll dressed in the most common outfits or some sexy clothing that enhances her attributes…

Hatsune Miku Sex Doll vs Hatsune Miku Anime Character

Hatsune Miku Sex Doll vs Hatsune Miku Anime Character

While for others it can be very exciting, and even, one of the newest characters in the world of Anime and that for many can be charming and exciting, is Nezuko Kamado, although the number of characters and fantasies to explore can be unlimited and within reach of a change of clothes.

Nezuko Kamado

Nezuko Kamado, character from Kimetsu no Yaiba

In spite of this, more people are joining every day to buy one of these sex dolls. It is even common that in some homes a sex doll becomes part of the family or as a companion to feed a conformist relationship of many years.

Some even use it as a substitute for a wife who has died or simply as a faithful companion of a man who does not want to share his life with a woman of flesh and blood.

Imagine coming home after a long day’s work and finding your Asian sex doll dressed as a lolita or maid, completely willing to please you without objection. For many, it may be a fantasy come true.

Asian Sex Doll Outfits

For the reasons described above, there are tons of possibilities when it comes to dressing the Asian love doll of your dreams.

If what you are looking for is that your Asian sex doll can give you moments full of much pleasure, you came to the right page.

We have prepared for you some of our recommendations so that you can see her according to the moment and dare to explore your most hidden fantasies.

Be it traditional or modern, realistic or fantasy, below, you will find some products that may inspire you on how to dress your Asian sex doll.

Classic Japanese Sailor Schoolgirl Costume For Asian Sex Dolls

Sex Doll Clothes #1: Japanese Sailor Schoolgirl Costume

Entering the Asian doll niche, the “japanese schoolgirl” look is one of the most common erotic fantasies between young and mature men when it comes to Asian girls.

This is because of how easy it is to perceive schoolgirls as naïve, submissive yet seductive figures.

It is one of the most common tropes in Asian media (both mainstream and erotic), and it is developed in many different ways.


As a set with several pieces, it is very fashionable and can be used along other accessories such as ears, gloves, stockings and tails.
It allows for many roleplay scenarios, with the innocent schoolgirl, the bad girl of the class or the mighty sailor hero being the frequent protagonists.
The outfit permits you to manipulate it a great deal when worn, keeping the skirt pulled up, exposing your doll’s breasts, etc.


The fabric on darker tones tends to stain easily.
The “sailor” uniform is only one of the many variants of schoolgirl uniforms
Sexy French Maid Costume For Asian Sex Dolls

Sex Doll Clothes #2: Maid Costume

One of the most popular fantasies surrounding Asian erotic media is the “French maid” motif.

The reason behind it is how well-received were some aspects of European culture in Asia, besides the fact that it inspires domination and power fantasies.

Maids are perceived as well-educated, submissive beings willing to please their owners (and this fits very well for some dark themes in fantasies).


Even though it is a single piece, it allows easy undressing and access to the “highlights” of your doll
It goes well with many accessories such as stockings, animal ears and tails…


This costume is not washing machine friendly. Besides, the lace details tend to damage over time.
It leaves little room to imagination when it comes to a fantasy setup.
Some people would find a maid costume with more pieces preferable.
Japanese Cherry Black Kimono For Asian Sex Dolls

Sex Doll Clothes #3: Japanese Cherry Black Kimono

For those leaning on the more “traditional” side of Asian erotic fantasies, a kimono is an excellent option.

These are beautifully crafted full-sized dresses with sleeves wrapped around the body with the help of a sash (obi).


It allows for a little creativity. There are several ways to wrap the kimono around the doll.
Being more elegant than provocative, having your doll fully covered makes what’s underneath the kimono more enticing
There are many colours and patterns to choose from.


It may be hard to clean as the unwrapped kimono is considerably large.
Understanding how to wrap a kimono around your doll at first might be a hassle if you have no experience
The fabric needs constant attention and special care to maintain it in top condition
Summer Yukata For Asian Sex Dolls

Sex Doll Clothes #4: Summer Yukata With Cute Animal Ears

Considered a variant from the full-body kimono, this short yukata-style costume is provocative enough without being too revealing at first.

It sports a sash with the bow tied to the front, which for Asian people, means traditionally that the woman wearing it is open to sexual advances.

Besides, the animal ears and neck bell that this set has allows you for fantasy play, tapping into neko and loli fetishes.


The set comes with many pieces to mix and match
Even though it may seem traditional, it fits into many themes and fantasies, ranging from traditional to modern and even fantasy/anime.
It is rather easy to store and clean, and the small pieces of the set do not require much cleaning.


Figuring out how to dress your doll at first can be difficult, as the yukata has many layers of fabric
The pieces aside from the yukata itself are fragile, so they must be handled carefully
Sexy Lingerie Brief Suit For Asian Sex Dolls

Sex Doll Clothes #5: Sexy Lingerie Brief Suit

Even though most Asian-inspired erotica calls to fantasy and cartoons, many would prefer a more realistic approach.

This sexy outfit looks particularly inspired in the K-pop and J-pop idol trends.

These celebrities wear similar clothing in their music videos, showing a lot of skin to visually seduce without showing themselves fully naked.

However, they sell themselves as sex symbols, and this outfits reflects just that.


Easy to clean as it is a 2-piece set of relatively simple clothing
It looks inconspicuous compared to other clothing options
It allows to combine and match it with other clothes.


For how simple an outfit this is, it does get a bit pricier than other options.
The suspenders might get damaged with too much rough play.


Dressing a sex doll properly can be a very exciting practice. Dressing Asian sex dolls is even more exciting because it opens the door to a million possibilities.

But even though you may experience thousands of outfits, there is always the one that stands out the most or the favourite of many.

In this case, dressing your Asian sex doll in a sailor/schoolgirl uniform can be synonymous with making your darkest fantasies come true.

Compared to other outfits, the schoolgirl outfit may sound common, but it can be for some a gateway to exploring their dominant side.

In Asia it is common for girls to wear these types of uniforms so having her wear these clothes will make you feel even more into that setting.



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