Best TPE Glue For Sex Doll Repair: Fix Your Doll, Heal Your Soul!

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Imagine for a moment that you have a love partner, a sex doll who is willing to make all your fantasies come true, even the deepest ones.

One of those nights of passion you let yourself be carried away by desire and in the middle of your fantasy, you break part of her beautiful and perfect skin.

This is usually something common when you have a sex doll, so the first thing you should do is to stay calm, because we have solution for you.

All you need is just a couple of drops of “special glue” to “heal” your sexy companion.

That is why it is necessary that you know, which is the best TPE glue for sex doll repair so that you always have it at hand in case the perfection of your partner is affected.

What The Heck Is TPE Glue

What The Heck Is TPE Glue

What The Heck Is TPE Glue?

TPE is a material based on thermoplastic polymers whose purpose is to give the sex doll a neater and of course much more realistic touch.

This material has different properties, one of them is that it is quite elastic, so after using it, it always returns to its natural shape.

However, not everything can be perfect, this material stains easily and if it is not given the proper care, it can even break.

That is why it is necessary to have the appropriate and necessary implements to repair your doll. TPE’s glue plays an essential role so that you can keep it like new and in perfect condition.

The TPE glue is a special solvent for this type of material, whose function is to slightly melt the TPE parts and weld them together by exerting pressure on both.

Thus allowing a good finish to be seen and also guaranteeing that the product will not break in the same place again.

This special TPE glue was specially developed to repair small cracks in TPE sex dolls.

Small Crack On Doll Skin

With this glue, your realistic sex doll will look like new in no time at all and that little accident will disappear without a trace.

The glue is of maximum adherence and ensures that your sex doll recovers its impeccable aspect as when it arrived at your house.

This TPE glue was developed through several tests and the product is subject to strict standards that are kept under constant review.

Therefore, it is necessary to mention that TPE glue is harmless to health and you should not worry if you come into direct contact with it.

However, try to avoid it because the glue is very strong.

How To Choose The Right TPE Glue?

How To Choose GIF

Choosing the right TPE glue is not as difficult as it seems, the first thing you must take into account is the material of which your doll is made.

Sometimes silicone can be confused with TPE, they can be very similar, but when they break, they react differently to every type of glue or fixing method available.

TPE’s particular surface won’t allow most glues to form strong bonds on it.

That is why the glue for it is not a bonding agent but a solvent, which will act on the damaged surfaces melting them and fusing them back together.

That said, not all common use solvents will work on TPE; most could either stain or melt excessively the skin of your doll, in some cases rendering her beyond minor repairs.

Most doll manufacturers recognize this, actually offering themselves the solution.

TPE glue is sold under that same name, oftentimes without a visible brand, either directly from the manufacturer or from authorized websites and retailers.

What Are The Advantages And Benefits

A piece of TPE, due to its thermoplastic qualities, can be easily glued by applying heat or using a solvent, which is why TPE glue is so effective in repairing dolls, leaving them as good as new.

But we are talking about a sex doll, where the aim is to correct the damage without affecting the beauty of the doll’s skin.

Japanese School Girl Sex Doll

Japanese School Girl Sex Doll 2, Image credited to SiliconWives

It provides a seamless result. If you follow the instructions to the letter, your doll skin will be as good as new.

It will not break again. Precisely because the glue works like a solvent, it makes it stick so well, that it will be almost impossible for it to break in the same place again.

It is easy to store and has a long shelf life. When kept tightly closed on a fresh, dry area, your TPE glue can last up to a year.

Attributes That Differentiate These Products

When buying TPE glue, look for the following characteristics:

  • It is a transparent, very liquid product. Otherwise, you might be buying other bonding agents that will not work on your TPE doll.
  • Make sure in the product reviews that people get the amount of the product the site is offering. Difference in volume could be caused by mismanagement of the glue, which tends to evaporate when exposed to air.
  • Look for the terms “TPE/TPR/PU (glue/solvent) for love/sex dolls”.

What Is The Best Way To Use This Product?

Before using it, the area where it will be applied must be thoroughly cleaned.

It is recommended to use makeup removal wipes, trying not to make too much friction, just to remove any residue.

Before gluing make sure the surface is not in tension when applying TPE glue.

The TPE glue adheres when the TPE surface is dissolved.

Therefore, after applying the glue, it should be pressed and fixed immediately, just like the principle of electric welding, and welded together.

Therefore, do not apply too much, do not spill glue, only use glue with a cotton swab or toothpick, it is recommended to use a toothpick to glue and thus avoid accidents and use only the necessary amount.

The drying time is approximately half an hour.

TPE Glue Usage Guide

Addressing The Controversy

Some people avoid and even vouch against the usage of TPE solvent glue because “it often causes holes / damage beyond repair to the dolls”.

These individuals suggest carrying out repairs via heat and/or parts replacement, which can be both costly and technically difficult.

It is important to bear in mind that the damages some people state TPE glue can cause come from its mismanagement.

Using TPE glue might damage your doll if you drip or pour said glue onto the cut or torn area directly.

Remember to always apply your solvent using a cotton swab or a toothpick and put pressure on the area to be repaired immediately after; otherwise, it won’t cure as intended, often causing it not to fix properly or even more damage in the area.

Japanese School Girl Sex Doll

Japanese School Girl Sex Doll, Image credited to SiliconWives

Pre-requisites For Product Use

  • Have in mind the TPE glue you’re about to use is highly corrosive in large quantities to your doll and to yourself when breathed.
  • Make sure you work in a well ventilated area so you won’t end up breathing whatever trace of the glue might evaporate in the process.
  • Have pliers, a flashlight, cotton balls, wipes, acetone and a toothpick/cotton swa ready before starting to use TPE glue on your doll. You might want to assess the damage thoroughly before starting to apply glue.

Top 3 TPE Glue Available On The Market

As discussed previously, TPE glue can be found on the online market almost exclusively supplied by the same brand or in brandless containers.

Below, you will find different suppliers of the product:

1. TPE Sex Doll Repair Kit Glue From AliExpress

Sex Toy Repair Glue

Overall Rating:

PRICEUS $9.90 – 24.00

Aliexpress has several offers of TPE glue in diverse containers and volumes, which is a great option if you want to buy in bulk.

However, out of so many stores on AliExpress, the one you should consider is AliExpress FunSex 001 Store.

This store was started since Feb 23, 2014 with over 91.3% positive feedback from their customers and they have over 1755 followers.

Apart from that, you also get money back guarantee with their 90-day buyer protection!

2. TPE Glue + Stain Remover

TPE Glue and Stain Remover

Overall Rating:

PRICEUS $50.00

Sexy Real Sex Dolls (also known as SRSD) has the priciest option out of the 3.

However, this is due to the glue coming with a very handy TPE stain remover, which is perfect to work out any post-doll-surgery issues and give your doll an overall nicer finish.

If you are looking for stain remover too, this is the best option for you. Lets see what their customer says about their stain remover.

Sexy Real Sex Dolls Stain Remover

3. TPE Solvent (Glue)

The Doll House TPE Solvent

Overall Rating:


The Doll House (UK) also supplies their customers with a nice presentation of TPE glue!

It comes inside an ultra-resistant container, and its lid has a small plastic brush applicator to use your solvent sparingly.

The reason we choose The Doll House is because they have a great support team with great service.

If you are from UK and you need it urgently, this will be the best option for you because you will get your glue in 1-2 business days at a very cheap shipping fee.

Alternatives To TPE Glue

There are few effective ways to repair TPE, and almost none match the practicality and quality of TPE glue.

In fact, most common glues (white, wood, epoxy) will not work.

They won’t stick to your doll’s surface and when they do, they will usually leave a hard spot, considerably lowering the quality of the experience with your doll.

That said, there are 3 alternate ways to repair TPE with which you can achieve decent results:

  • Bonding by Heat.
    Due to TPE’s nature, heat is a good option to fuse TPE back together. However, the skill and tools needed (heat gun, adjustable heat irons and rods of different sizes) make this option not viable to a large portion of TPE doll owners, especially novice ones.
  • CA glue.
    Also called “crazy glue“, it is typically used to glue eyelashes, fingernails and toenails.

    It can stick to TPE but it will leave a rough spot in the area, kind of a scar” in your doll.

    However, if the repair you’re doing is small and nowhere any vital parts (face, mouth, genitals, hands/feet), it is okay to make a quick fix with it.

    Be sure to clean thoroughly the surfaces you’re going to glue together and use extremely small amounts of CA glue.

  • Xylene:
    Also known as xylol, xylene is an industrial-grade wood distillate used as a main component in solvents. In very small quantities it can be used as the glue; however, xylene poses a greater health hazard when breathed than the former.


Buying one or two vials of TPE glue with your first doll is surely a must, and once you get used to fixing small tears in your doll with it, you will want to have a constant supply of it.

Even novice doll owners can benefit greatly from buying TPE glue to have it “just in case” or for minor repairs.

It can really improve your relationship with your doll, taking her beyond a means of sexual fulfilment and making you directly responsible for her wellbeing, besides the routinely clean up.


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        The Doll House tpe glue is good to use, I gave used some from Alibaba as well, some were good others like watered down glue pretty useless. Ebay £5 tpe glue can only be used for eyelashes as I tried with hard flakes in the repaired cut when I looked so I had to cut it out and buy from DH to repair again. I have tried the syringe type with coloured tpe in them twice but so dear but useful if you make your own to use to fill in.



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