What Are Sex Dolls Made Of?

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Around the world, especially in Asia and Europe, there are a lot of sex doll brothels.

In these you have the freedom to choose a partner who has her own identity, name, height, breast and butt size, and even hair, skin and eye color that define her.

Everyone has the freedom to choose who they want to have sex with. However the choice may depend not only on the physical features but also on…

  • What are sex dolls made of?
  • And which material is better?

Knowing what are sex dolls made of can help you make better choices.

It doesn’t matter if you are thinking of acquiring your own doll or choosing a doll in sex doll brothels, you will find important information here to clear up your doubts.

Introduction: Great Variety Of Materials

Sex Doll Manufacture

Sex Doll Manufacturer, images credited to Silicon Sexy Doll

Sex dolls are made of love, fidelity and durability. This last ingredient will depend totally and absolutely on the material with which they are made.

This material must comply with certain characteristics that provide pleasure to its consumers. It must be: comfortable, resistant, easy to clean, attractive to the eye and of course, capable of transmitting unmatched sensations.

The material is important, because not only does the appearance of the doll depend on it. Some materials will make it look more realistic than others.

Inflatable Pleasure

inflatable sex doll

YUECHAO Inflatable Sex Doll, image credited to His Orgasm Store

The inflatable sex doll, is one of the best known and cheapest doll available on the market.

It is not only because it is a piece of plastic full of air, but because the details in it are not so elaborate. The inflatable dolls usually cost less than $500.00, some may even cost less than $100.00; and they are usually made of Welded Vinyl.

Usually this type of dolls can only be used a couple of times because the durability of their material is questionable. In some cases, they break at the seams making that the end of the pleasure.

It is also important to mention that the materials can be harmful to health. So their permanent use is not recommended.

It can be perfect for a bachelor party or a couple of nights of fun, but nowadays you will find more pleasant options. Lets continue…

A Well Known Material: Latex

The range of latex dolls is quite wide. Not only is it a material that we all know, but because of its high degree of waterproofing.

Unlike inflatable dolls, latex dolls can be a little more realistic.

But their appearance is similar to that of a mannequin which in the long run can be boring since putting the doll in different positions is not an option.

Examples Of Latex Sex Dolls

The cost of latex dolls ranges from $ 1000.00 to $ 2000.00 and although they do not pose a health risk. However, it is necessary to emphasize that there is a small percentage of the population that is allergic to latex.

So if this is one of your favorite options, ideally you should check that you are not allergic to any of its components.

Latex Solid Silicone Sexy Doll

Latex Solid Silicone Sexy Doll, image credited to DHgate

Yuko Japanese Latex Sex Doll

Yuko, Japanese Latex Sex Doll, image credited to uLoversDoll

Silicone Sex Doll

Silicone Sex Doll With Metal Skeleton

Silicone Sex Doll With Metal Skeleton, image by SEXYE Dolls Store

We all know this material, we have seen it in any drawer in our kitchen, from a cupcake mould to a popsicle to remove food.

And even in more elaborate things like breast implants that can make any woman look voluptuous.

Silicone is highly resistant, easy to clean and does not deteriorate with heat. You could even wash a piece of silicone with boiling water and it will not lose its shape.

Silicone sex dolls are more realistic, firm and durable, which is why their price in the market is higher than the other two options.

Silicone sex dolls are made of silicone accompanied by PVC or metal bone structure and flexible joints. With this, you will be able to place it in as many positions as possible.

The price of a silicone doll can be quite high, ranging from $1500.00 to $35,000.00.

Brands like DS Dolls are in charge of pleasing the most demanding tastes by making unique pieces of art with each doll.

And of course the price can vary according to the details of each doll.

TPE: The Evolution Of Pleasure.

Currently, sex dolls can be found on the market also made of this material, known as medical silicone or TPE.

This not only makes them hyper-realistic dolls, but also dolls that will not compromise the health of their users. TPE is a flexible material that will make the wrist have a softer texture, similar to real human skin.

So, this is why most dolls today are made of this polymer which is also body friendly. TPE is made of plastic and rubber, so it is heat resistant and elastic, which is a great advantage.

The cost can also be high ($2000.00 and up), but a TPE sex doll not only offers you the opportunity to have sex in a display of positions…

If you are keen to look for some affordable TPE sex dolls, you can get it at Your Doll with less than $2000. Below are some of the high quality realistic TPE sex dolls:

What Are Sex Dolls Made Of TPE

Examples Of TPE Sex Dolls from Your Doll

TPE sex doll also offers you a partner who will look as real as anyone who can wait for you at home to keep you company after a long day’s work and who will always be there for you.

The Future Of Pleasure: AI.

Some sex doll manufacturers already play with the idea of implementing Artificial Intelligence into the dolls.

At the moment, Reall Doll is one of the brands that is constantly looking to make their dolls as human as possible.

Meet Advanced Humanoid Sex Robot, Harmony:

What better way to do this than by giving the sex dolls voice and thinking skills? The doll will be able to talk, move ,smile, and even move her eyes.

The intention is to give the user a unique experience with a partner with whom they can engage in conversation and who is able to remember them.

Conclusion: What Are Sex Dolls Made Of?

A sex doll can be made of Welded Vinyl (Inflatable Doll) or Latex, Silicone and TPE with AI technology. But at the end of the day, choosing a sex doll is all depends on what you want.

If you are adventurous and like to explore different positions, the best option for you is a TPE doll, however, because of the realism of her skin…

You should take a little more care of it, avoid it from getting stained with some fabrics that release pigments or avoid it from deteriorating with exposure to some material.

A silicone doll will be easier to clean and maintain, but a TPE doll will be softer to the touch, it will be like touching a person.

Although in the not too distant future, the best option may be a robotic sex doll, which is able to talk, respond, moan and even move.

Sounds tempting, doesn’t it?

What material would you choose? Leave it is the chat session below and let me know if you like my blog.


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