Custom Sex Doll: Step-By-Step Guide To Design The Girl Of Your Dreams!

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How do you imagine the girl of your dreams? Tall, thin, with a lot of bust or maybe a little less, with blue or green eyes… Today you can make it happen with custom sex doll!

Yes, as you read it, you can have the girl of your dreams in your hands by designing a personalized sex doll.

Today many manufacturers give you the opportunity to make your dreams come true by making it possible for you to design your own sex doll as you please.

Manufacturers will give you as many combinations of options and details as your imagination allows.

It may sound difficult, but it really isn’t, it’s easier than you think, and as always, we will help you in the process to build your sex doll.

Sex Dolls Create Limitless Possibilities

The main manufacturers of sex dolls offer both classic-design dolls and dolls for people with different fetishes you’ve never heard of. Such as:

  • Podophilia – foot fetishism.
  • Pubephilia – pubic haircut fetishism.
  • Pygophilia – buttocks lovers.
  • And many many more…
Half Feline Dolls

Half-Feline Dolls, image credited to X Queen Dolls

It is possible to find online for sex dolls with extremely huge tits (totally out of what nature is able to give a woman) or dolls with smaller tits but instead have not two, she has three!

You may also find sex dolls with the appearance of the characters of the film “Avatar”, published in 2009 by 20th Century Fox.

Or half-feline dolls, with cute looking features and even highlight those with features type anime.

And many many more…

Custom Sex Dolls Builder

Limiting yourself to the existing is no longer the only possibility.

This is because not only can you choose among the uncommon models of erotic dolls available, but also the possibility of choice has been opened…

Today, your imagination is the door to all your fantasies!

Custom Sex Dolls Builder

Custom Sex Dolls Option

In most of the sales portals of sex dolls, you can follow the 5 steps below to design your perfect companion with custom sex doll option:

Step #1. Custom Sex Doll Idea

The first thing you should be clear about when designing your personalized sex doll is how you want it to look in the end.

Having an idea of the final result will help you to create your own sex doll.

If you want it to look like some anime character that makes you very hot, or if you want it to look like your favorite pop star.

Make sure you brainstorm and do this so your doll won’t end up like a fish:

Mistake When Designing Your Sex Doll

You can take pencil and paper and write down those little details that make the woman of your dreams perfect for you.

Once you know what you want, the fun part comes, designing her.

Step #2. Design Your Own Sex Doll

Some websites offer you endless possibilities, such as Sexy Real Sex Dolls which we will talk more about later…

But in most websites, you can have choices like below:

Ideas To Design Your Sex Doll

Time To Design Your Sex Doll

  • Hair color and type whether straight or curly.
  • Color and shape of eyes.
  • Color of skin, from the most classic to skin of some rare color.
  • Shape of the ears (In case you want one with elf ears).
  • Shape and size of the breasts.
  • Different types of face, which vary characteristics such as the shape of the eyes and nose, thickness of the lips and more according to the designs of each brand.
  • Option to stay standing or not.
  • Material they are made of (TPE or silicone) if the brand offers both.
  • Cosmetic details such as makeup for the sex doll, if she wears it, how she wears it, or if she doesn’t wear it.
  • Whether you have long or short nails, with or without nail polish.
  • Whether it can be heated or not.
  • Fixed or removable vagina and anus for better hygiene.

Step #3. The Details To Perfect Your Doll

When you place your order, some manufacturers will allow you to give free rein to your imagination and you can add things like pubic or underarm hair.

Sex doll pubic hair

You can even request a doll that in addition to mouth, anus and vagina also has a penis.

The vagina, anus and the oral cavity can be detachable, that option can facilitate the cleaning of the doll.

However, those who prefer these fixed parts, can also choose that option.

These details will make your doll a unique piece of art and that only you enjoy.

Step #4. Extra Feature To Make Her More Realistic

Also within the possibilities you have when making your custom sex doll, some manufacturers will allow you to put heat on it so the skin can feel even more human.

Another very important thing you can set is the height of your doll, some prefer them to be shorter (100-140cm) because of the little space they take up while you may like tall girls who are over 170cm tall.

100cm Sex Doll

100cm Sex Doll, image by X Queen Dolls

170cm sex doll

170cm Sex Doll, image by X Queen Dolls

You can also choose how you want your doll’s breasts, you can choose them filled or just from your doll’s material.

Some options will allow you to feel them even more realistic than others.

Step #5. Add-on Accessories

Last but not least, choose your doll’s accessories. You can ask for an outfit that fits what you want or in some cases you can ask for one that suits you.

Below are some examples of how you can dress-up your lovely doll:

Remember that although you can dress the doll with any outfit bought in any store, the manufacturers are specialists in selecting the best fabrics for them.

With this, you won’t run the risk of staining the skin of your doll.

1. Real Doll

Real Doll Customize Sex Doll

Real Doll takes pride in their Face X technology, which can give you 33 of the best-looking sex doll faces in the market.

With 18 standardized bodies to choose from, the people at Real Doll are very attentive to detail and make sure you have the most realistic sex doll money can buy.

The downside of getting a Real Doll is the pricing: their starting price is $5999.

2. Sex Doll Genie

Sex Doll Genie Personalized Sex Doll

Sex Doll Genie offers advanced customization for TPE dolls.

They work with 5 major manufacturers to choose your doll (Irontech, JY, AF, WM and SINO), with prices ranging from $1850 to $2800 (without including special features such as standing capability, voice or heat).

3. Sexy Real Sex Dolls

Sex Real Sex Dolls Custom Sex Doll

Sexy Real Sex Dolls (SRSD) is one of the best options in the market for custom sex dolls!

They offer the regular customization options most stores have (skin-eye-hair color, standing, hollow/solid breasts, etc).

Also, they have more than 90 bodies to choose from, covering several niches such as petite bodies, breasts way above F-cup, pregnant, plus-sized, and more!

Their pricing is very reasonable as well, starting from $1450 for full bodies and $1149 for torsos.

For more information, you can check out our full review here: Sexy Real Sex Dolls Review



The world of sex dolls has changed over the years and gives more and more possibilities to its users.

They no longer have to be satisfied with inflatable dolls of standardized models, without expression and incapable of awakening sexual desire, nor with what each store has for the moment of acquiring the dolls.

Manufacturers have not only strived to create sex toys in the size of today’s hyper-realistic sex dolls…

But have also allowed for the imagination of customers who can have their sex dolls customized and design their ideal companion, as close to their mental and sexual standards as possible.

Would you like to have a custom sex doll? What details would you bring?

Comment on what you would most like from a doll.

Share this post with a friend and dare to design the girl of your dreams.



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