How To Clean A Sex Doll In Mere Minute – Read Before You Buy A Sex Doll

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Sex Doll Cleaning is incredibly essential — when well maintained, a love doll can service you longer. So it is important to learn how to clean a sex doll.

If you are looking forward to owning a sex doll, it’s smart to treat your dolls like you how you treating your car or your house. Because they can cost you a fortune if you don’t maintain it properly.

Sex dolls can be fun, fulfilling part of one’s sexual experience. Therefore, it would be emotionally draining to lose a companion, but that’s what poor maintenance of a sex doll results in.

Poor sex doll maintenance will result in erosion and degradation depending on the skin, material and pigmentation.

Table Of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. The Frequency Of Cleaning Your Sex Doll
  3. Essentials For Cleaning A Sex Doll
  4. How To Clean A Sex Doll During Shower
  5. Cleaning The Orifices
  6. Post Bath Care
  7. Conclusion

Are You Ready For Cleaning Sex Doll?

are you ready

The complexity of sex doll maintenance is the essential feature to eye for in making that doll purchase. There are two types of dolls differentiated by the material used to make them; TPE and Silicone.

Doll cleaning process for two types of sex dolls varies widely.

Silicone dolls are relatively pricey and hand-crafted while the relatively less expensive TPE sex dolls are porous in nature.

The TPE sex dolls are more likely to harbor and retain bacteria and highly susceptible to damage as they don’t dry easily. Comparatively, the cleaning TPE sex doll is more complex than cleaning silicone dolls.

Without further ado, let’s talk more on how to clean a sex doll.

The Frequency Of Cleaning Your Sex Doll

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Routine cleaning of a love doll is mainly for two fundamental reasons, hygiene and longevity.

It’s a common practice for a majority of love doll users to take sex doll shower together after intimacy.

It’s imperative to ensure the dolls hygiene and after intercourse mostly for dolls with irremovable orifices.

However, regular sex doll maintenance and thorough sex doll cleaning on a monthly basis is important irrespective of use or no use to ensure the higher lifespan of the doll and eliminate the risk of infections.

Needless to say doll cleanliness, backstops with the doll user cleanliness.

Hence, before intimacy, it’s important for you to shower and completely dry up. Natural oil and sweat from your skin gradually break down the sex reducing your doll’s longevity.

Essentials For Cleaning A Sex Doll

Having the right tools enables easy cleaning of your love doll. Giving your doll the best care requires a number of tools and materials which include;

  • Clean water
  • Antibacterial soap
  • Light sponge
  • Baby powder
  • Medical pincers
  • Vagina irrigator
  • Non- abrasive drying cloth
  • Strong paper towel

How To Clean Sex Doll During Shower

Clean A Sex Doll During Shower

Clean A Sex Doll During Shower

You probably enjoy the tenderness of the doll right? To retain the tenderness, the doll needs to always lay on soft surfaces.

When you having a sex doll shower, it’s prudent to lay him/her on a towel or blanket.

Using a sponge to softly rub the doll prevents scratching and micro-tears that not only give the doll an unpleasant look, but leaves unwanted moisture that cause molds and rust.

How To Clean TPE Doll

Using hard soaps on dolls to remove the natural oils is mostly done in cleaning TPE dolls, hence, using mild antibacterial and unscented soaps work perfectly with your lovely doll.

Additionally, care should be taken to ensure all the sex doll cleaning agents don’t have a reaction when you cleaning your TPE doll.

Again caution should be taken not to spray water on the neck or submerge the doll’s head. Spraying water on the neck would make it submerge inside the body or head.

Submerging a doll in water would result in damage such as rust and mold.

Taking of the doll’s head before showering it and wrapping of the neck plastic wrap or with multiple layers of aluminium foil would prevent water leaking inside the doll’s body.

Commonly, the makeup and hair used in the production of sex dolls are essentially not designed to be soaked.

Using mild bacteria soap and a microfiber cloth to clean the doll’s mouth and face is highly recommended. Stains on the dolls such as grease or ink can be removed with odourless mineral spirits or a sex doll stain remover.

Depending on the type of the doll, the effect of temperature is variant.

It’s recommended using medium temperature water while showering your love doll since the majority of the dolls are not resistant to high temperatures.

Cleaning The Orifices

Cleaning The Orifices

So what do you do with the orifices? Doll orifices range from one to three that includes the mouth, vagina, anuses, which can be a bit tricky to clean.

The cleanliness of the orifices is incredibly important as they receive the most intimate contact. The orifices are a potential breeding ground for bacteria that pose health risks to the doll user.

Apart from that, the bacteria degrade the doll materials reducing their functionality. While some dolls have detachable orifices which ease their cleaning, other types are irremovable.

For detachable orifices, detaching and flushing them out thoroughly after intercourse is highly recommended. As well, thoroughly cleaning them with a cleaning sponge or a vagina irrigator with antibacterial soup keeps the orifices clean.

A vagina irrigator conveniently flushes the orifices. Leaving soap to linger for long while cleaning the orifices increases the risk of erosion mostly with TPE dolls.

After cleaning your sex doll, you should ensure thorough draining of the moisture before storage which should be done separately from the doll.

Post Bath Care

Dry Your Sex Doll

Dry Your Sex Doll

Manually drying a sex doll with a towel and soft microfiber cloth works perfectly without inflicting damage on the doll.

Again, we emphasize the use of clean towel because used towels or clothes harbour bacteria.

How To Dry Sex Doll

There is no shortcut in drying your dolls.

Thus, never use dryer to dry your dolls  because this will result in irreparable damage, especially when you drying TPE dolls.

Dolls with irremovable orifices are typically challenging to dry.

Leaving a paper towel inside the doll’s cavity or placing your doll in front of a fan with doll leg’s wide open are some of the practical ways of ensuring that all the moisture is drained.

In addition, you can add talcum powder on your doll’s body to leave a nice fragrance and prevents skin tackiness. The talcum powder can be applied with a makeup brush or patted and rubbed with bare palms.

After you dry your sex dolls, never leave them next to windows as humidity in the air will cause accumulation of moisture.

Nevertheless, never leave your love doll exposed to excessive sunlight too because it could melt down and degrade your doll’s skin.

There are multiple and convenient storage options for love dolls including storage box, storage bags or in suspension in a cupboard.

It’s imperative to ensure there are no abrasive objects that roughly rub your love doll.

Basically, that’s how to dry sex doll.


A prevalent question by love doll owners relates to doll cleanliness,  maintenance and how to clean a sex doll fast.

From the discussion above, cleaning a sex doll is extremely important as poor doll hygiene can reduce the longevity of a love doll and increased health risk to the doll user.

Essentially, awareness of the material of your love doll is imperative as it forms the bases of the type of warranted cleanliness and maintenance.

We ought to always remember that sex dolls are fragile therefore deserves tender care. By keeping your doll clean, you will consistently enjoy the sensation of your lovely doll.



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