How To Choose A Male Sex Doll – In-depth Sex Doll Guide For Women

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The market for female pleasure has exponentially increased over the last decade with a myriad of items and stimulus available for women. From pornography through to vibrators and male sex doll and it isn’t showing signs of stopping.

With the onset of new methods of production, better materials and the ability to shop globally at lower costs, sexual pleasure is not only more accessible but more lifelike.

Which is why the market for sex dolls has taken off – and not just for men.

Today we live in a world of choices, giving us the possibility of creating a world which truly lives up to our fantasies.

Male Sex Doll

Male Sex Doll

Male Sex Doll

Male sex dolls are taking the world by storm, with a range of prices to make them accessible to everyone from £2000 up to £15000.

Even the cheapest is quite an investment so you will want to make sure you choose the right one.

Ever wondered how to choose a male sex doll?

Have you considered what height, penis size or skin texture will ensure the ultimate experience for you?

Well look no further.

In this 6 part male sex doll tutorial we will take you through step by step how to choose the male sex doll that’s right for you.

Step 1 – Think About What Physical Attributes You Desire

Physical Attributes

Physical Attributes

There are a few things you need to consider before you make your first purchase – and the first one is your personal tastes.

One of the main reasons male sex dolls are so sought after is their likeness to reality, for many women sex isn’t all about the phallic – it’s also about the physical body.

And women who have chosen to buy a male sex doll will be attracted to a beautiful form, they want to feel part of an experience, one that a vibrator just can’t compete with.

So before you start scrolling through the numerous websites offering male sex dolls its worth imagining what your ideal man would look like – from the hair colour down to the physique.

Remember that you will be able to choose hair colour and eye colour later once you have decided on your doll’s physique and specifications.

Step 2 – Consider Your Budget

Male sex dolls retail from anywhere in between £2000 all the way to £15000 and beyond.

Consider your budget – how much you want to invest in your new male companion?

It’s also worth shopping around on various sites.

There is a huge price range and as the market gets bigger, more and more stores will look to compete on price, enabling you to get a better deal.

Step 3 – Decide What Phallus Will Fit You

Phallus Size

Phallus Size

What size phallus is right for you? This is an important consideration when looking to choose your male sex doll.

If you are unsure about what size you want, then it’s worth measuring your favourite vibrator and using that as a guideline.

Most websites will give you the dolls measurements and depending on your budget you can request a custom made phallus.

Also consider what you want your doll’s phallus to look like. What would give you most enjoyment – one that is veiny and feels realistic, or one which is smoother?

Remember this is your male sex doll – you get to choose.

Note: If your doll arrives and you’re not happy with the phallus size or shape, most male sex dolls have detachable phalluses (Removable Penis) so you may have the possibility to attach your own preferred vibrator to the body.

Step 4 – The Male Sex Doll Weight & Height That You Can Handle

Height And Weight

Height And Weight

Some male sex dolls can weight up to 60 kg – and although they will feel realistic on top of you, the heavier they are the harder they are going to be to position and move.

Quite often… a sex doll weight will correspond with the height of the doll so if you are concerned it might be worth picking a slighter height if you are going to be moving them around a lot.

Heights for a full sized male sex doll can range from 5.3 ft at a far more manageable weight of 33 kg through to 5.9 ft and upwards.

Step 5 – What Sex Positions Do You Prefer?

What position do you enjoy the most?

It’s an important question to consider because once you have found your ideal male sex doll, you will have the option of choosing whether he comes with standing feet or regular feet.

If you go with regular feet then your male sex doll either needs to be leaning against a wall or vertical surface to enjoy upright.

Take some time to think about which sex positions you get most pleasure from.

Step 5 – Choosing Between TPE & Silicone

TPE Sex Doll Vs Silicone Sex Doll

Touch is such an important part of a sensual experience, which is why we wanted to highlight the difference in material you can choose from for your male sex doll.

At the moment there are two types of material – TPE or Silicone.

TPE or thermos plastic rubber is a mixture of plastic and rubber. It is a more affordable option than silicone while still being soft to the touch with a lifelike appearance.

It is also more flexible which will allow you to position your doll in more postures with ease.

TPE doll also retains warmth which can make it a more natural experience, but don’t let it get too hot.

The one thing to consider with TPE is that it can get stained more easily and because it is a porous material it can make cleaning more difficult. It also cannot be sterilized.

Silicone is often used for soft sex toys because it is both durable and also soft.

Male sex dolls made with Silicone have the most realistic customised body parts and can incorporate integrated heat systems for that extra sensual feel.

Because Silicone is a non-porous material it is also easier to clean, is more stain resistant and it can be sterilized.

If you decide to go for a silicone doll baby power is recommended as some women find that silicone can be a little sticky.


We hope this basic sex doll tutorial has helped you to make a smarter choice.

The market for female pleasure has exponentially increased over the last decade with a myriad of items and stimulus available for women.

Today we live in a world of choices, knowing how to choose a male sex doll giving you the possibility of creating a world which truly lives up to your fantasies.

We hope this has encouraged you to go out and find yours.

If you still not sure how to choose the right companion and want to read more male sex doll review… Then check out these “Top 10 Charming Male Sex Dolls“.

What do you think? We would love to hear your comments.

And if you enjoyed it – please share and spread the love!


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