TPE Sex Doll Vs Silicone Sex Doll: Which One Is Better?

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Most people find it hard to choose between TPE sex dolls and Silicone sex doll, and the main reason is they don’t know the difference between TPE and silicone doll.

But no worries following through this we will be diving dipper into the defining features that make each sex doll better than the other.

Table Of Contents

  1. Type Of Sex Dolls
  2. TPE Vs Silicone Sex Dolls
  3. Pros & Cons Of TPE Sex Doll
  4. Pros & Cons Of Silicone Sex Doll
  5. Making The Final Decision

Type Of Sex Dolls

Different Type Of Sex Dolls

Different Type Of Sex Dolls

You will find choosing each sex doll has its advantages when it comes to your sexual arousal, satisfaction not forgetting the financial aspect.

Some sex dolls are very attractive and will get you buying ,without considering the benefits of the different types in the market .

First, let’s understand each sex doll broadly.

The TPE Sex Doll

The TPE ( Thermoplastic Elastomer ) is made by mixing polymers such as plastic and rubber.

This gives them the ability to behave elastically. TPE can stretch up to 5.0 times its length and is very soft in texture especially against the human skin.

This type of sex doll resembles a real human skin behavior making everything more realistic in terms of touch. It’s also friendly to your pocket and cheaper compared to its counterpart.

The Silicon Sex doll

The silicon sex doll, on the other hand, is made by mixing rubber and polymers together with carbon, hydrogen, and oxygen.

This type of material offers a wide range of heat resistance allowing you to explore a wide range of applications like lubricants, medical pieces of equipment, glue, cooking utensils, and many others.

The sky is the limit to all you can achieve using this type of material. In this case, they are the best for making a heat resistant sex doll, that is incredibly realistic and sexy to the eyes.

One that captures your attention from the first site, and gets you hard in seconds.

However, this type of sex doll is expensive and costly. And less flexible compared to its counter part.

The big question in mind is which sex doll is the best for your sexual satisfaction?

TPE Vs Silicone Sex Dolls

When choosing a sex doll here are some of the questions you must yourself.

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  • Which is the most important, touch or looks?
  • Are you going to use the doll for sex only or other purposes as well
  • What type of material do you prefer?
  • What is your budget concerning the sex doll?
  • How long would you prefer to maintain your sex doll?
  • Are you ready to maintain your doll?

Once you have all this in mind then you can decide which doll suits you perfectly.

At times looking for something worth your taste is all you need to keep you ignited. Different people have different views depending on their experience with the different sex dolls.

Some will prefer to go for TPE because of it the new version in the market and the high level of flexibility.While others will choose silicon because of it more realistic and less sensitive to heat.

TPE Sex Doll

Pros of TPE Sex Doll

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  • Its the brand new sex doll in the market
  • Offers a more realistic sense of touch
  • Highly defined sex doll in term of appearance
  • Its cheaper compared to other sex dolls. Their prices range between $800 to $2000
  • Its made of hypoallergenic material which is likely not going to cause allergic reactions.
  • Can retain warmth, however, it is sensitive to excessive heat
  • This type of sex doll offers a wide range of flexibility allowing the user to explore different positions.
  • The beast and buttocks wobble when rocking the doll back and forth

Cons of TPE Sex Doll

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  • Its made of a material which is sensitive to stains from clothes
  • The skin of the doll can be a bit sticky
  • It is made of porous material which can lead to the growth of molds in the vagina when moisture is left there for a long time.
  • One can not sterilise the material making up the doll.This makes it hard to clean.

Silicone Sex Doll

Pros of Silicone Sex Doll

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  • The vagina and anus of the doll is more realistic and detailed
  • The doll can retain warmth and is less sensitive to heat
  • This sex doll can be sterilized which makes it easy to clean and maintain. ( it is recommended to use alcohol to sterilize the doll rather than any other soft cleaning tools )
  • This type of doll requires less maintenance compared to the TPE dolls.
  • Its made of hypoallergenic material which is skin friendly
    This sex doll is resistant to heat, water, and stain from cloths.

Cons of Silicone Sex Doll

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  • This type of sex doll is more expensive
  • Its sense of touch can be stick as well, but you can fix this by rubbing baby powder on the skin of the doll.
  • In terms of softness, you can’t compare the TPE to the silicone since this type of doll is less soft. Rather it feels more dense and thick in touch.

Other users prefer the doll ass and breast to wobble as you rock back and forth, but the silicon type does not have these features.

This type of sex doll is also limited in the number of sex positions ,since its less flexible .

Making The Final Decision

I hope you can identify the difference between TPE and silicone doll at this time and you have set your eyes on the TPE sex doll.

Simply because of its the new version, cheap with a more realistic touch… and as much as it would be arousing watching the breast and buttocks wobble.

The Silicon type is the best choice for easy maintenance and appearance but poor in touch. It’s more costly mainly due to the materials used to make the sex doll. It’s less flexible but would last longer due to the easy maintenance.

Consider the advantages and disadvantages of each type of sex dolls mentioned above. Remember as much as sexual pleasure is exciting and healthy, your health comes first.

People find it hard to discuss, which sex doll is the best. But depending on what get you ready from the ignition, go for a doll that takes your sexual satisfaction to the next level.

Nothing is more satisfying like a sexual experience that gets your begging for more.



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