Best Sex Doll Wigs For Young Looking Sex Dolls!

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They say that in variety is taste and when it comes to the search for pleasure, variety becomes a necessity, because satisfaction is the enemy of routine.

When it comes to sex dolls, you have a great advantage to vary and get out of the routine…

Not only because you can experiment in all their holes but also because just a new outfit is enough to change part of their appearance.

But what can really make the difference, are the fabulous sex doll wigs!

Why You Should Use Sex Doll Wigs

Use Sex Doll Wigs

My name is Rita, do you prefer me in long hair or short hair?
(Image credited to SexySexDoll)

Because wigs are designed to give you a world of possibilities!

Just think about it…

You can have sex with a hot redhead on Monday, a cute girl with pink hair on Tuesday, a blonde sex doll on Wednesday and a deep black brunette on Thursday.

There is a wide variety of sex doll wigs on the market, but we, as always, have found the best sex doll wigs for young looking sex dolls.

So you can only use the best with your sex doll.

How To Choose Sex Doll Wigs

Choose Sex Doll Wigs

This Is The Main Reaon Why You Should Choose A Good Wig

Choosing the perfect wig for your sex doll will have a BIG Impact on her appearance and certainly on your libido.

It is a good option to have more than one wig so that it can easily adapt to your mood.

All you need to do is replace the wig and get a new one. It’s that easy and you won’t even need any tools for this.

But How To Choose The Best One?

Best Sex Doll Wigs

How to choose the best one? Read Below… Image by SexySexDoll

1. Look for natural or semi-synthetic hair wigs.

They will be easy to wash, untangle and iron. And you can change the color, unlike synthetic fibers, once you dye it, you can’t change it.

2. Try not to make the wig you choose too heavy.

If the wig is too heavy, you run the risk of hair falling out with use and at the same time the wig may slip off your doll or leave marks on your skin.

3. Choose a wig whose mesh or gumming is adaptable.

So your sex doll wig do not get tight on your doll’s head.

4. Find sex doll wigs that enhances your doll’s youthful face.

Young dolls are perfect because any hair will make them look lovely. For example, cosplay or Korean style wigs will make them look younger, with that young face you like so much.

3 Big Advantages Of Using Wigs

Sex Doll Wigs Advantages

Image Credited To SexySexDoll

By choosing a good wig you can give your doll a completely new look and hairstyle.

You will get very realistic styles with long hair wigs that are easy to brush and wear. You can choose the length of your hair, with braids or ponytails, etc.

Wigs with shorter hair will give your sex doll a more youthful style, and will also be easier to maintain without tangles.

Precautions When Putting A Wig On Your Doll

Firstly, avoid using adhesives and glues, because in addition to being dirty, they are difficult to remove and can damage the scalp and skin of your doll.

Secondly, avoid tight elastics and straps at all cost. This can leave permanent marks on the soft skin of your TPE doll if left on too long.

Thirdly, avoid dark-colored nets, which can leave a stain on your sex doll’s skin, especially white-skinned ones.

Brushing The Wigs Of Sex Dolls

You need to brush your sex doll’s wig regularly to keep it free of knots and tangles.

    • To have your sex doll with long, flowing locks instead of a tangled nest of hair…

You need to remove the wig and moisten the it with a little water. Sometimes you can mix warm water with conditioner to make the synthetic hair softer and easier to untangle.

    • To eliminate tangles…

You can start at the ends of the hair, gradually working your hair with each brush.

    • To avoid losing hair…

Don’t force the brush through knots, separate it with your fingers and then brush it gently. You will probably lose some hair in the process. But the result will be dreamy.

Cleaning Of Sex Doll Wigs

Rita Get Sweaty

Rita is getting sweaty. Make sure you clean her v***** thoroughly. Ops, I mean her wigs…

Once the sex doll’s wig is thoroughly brushed, you can proceed to wash it.

Synthetic wigs do not accumulate as much oil, but they do capture some dust. So it is good to wash and clean them frequently.

To clean your doll’s wig, fill a sink or wash basin with warm water, remove the wig from your doll and wash it well with mild shampoo and conditioner.

The container should be deep enough to completely immerse the wig.

Simply add a small dash of shampoo to the water, but don’t overdo it. Stir the water a little so that it is soapy and slowly immerse the wig.

Important: Do not squeeze the wig too tightly, otherwise you will make tangles in the hair.

Wash Rita

After you wash her wigs, Rita want you to wash her body too.

Leave the wig in the water for a while, then remove it from the soapy water and rinse it with clean, fresh water, hang the wig to remove excess water and allow it to dry naturally.

You may want to place the wig in a wig stand to make the process easier and faster.

Lastly, gently comb the hairs once they are dry, starting from the bottom and slowly working your way up to the top.

This will prevent you from removing the hairs from the wig or pulling the comb through any knots. Give it one last quick brush and hang it in a shady, dry place to dry completely.

Here’s a quick video on how to wash and maintain your wigs.

Top 5 Sex Doll Wigs On Planet Earth

Are you ready for the surprises?

Okay, let’s continues…


White Sex Doll Wig

Short White Party Cosplay Wigs

This beautiful short, white wig is perfect for any young looking sex doll.

It’s length and specific shade will give your doll a more youthful, more feminine look and flattering any skin tone.

It also comes with a wig cap to hold the doll’s hair in place if its scalp came with any.


Brown Curly Sex Doll Wig

Brown Curly Sex Doll Wig

Conversely, if you love slightly longer & flaunty hair and dislike the color and style of the previous wig… Here’s another proposal: a short, brown, curly hairdo.

It’s suitable for both doll and human use, which gives it a plus.

Apart from that, it’s also suitable for both mini sex dolls and life-size sex dolls.


Khaleesi Costume Hair Wig

Daenerys Targaryen Cosplay Wig for Game of Thrones Season 7 – Khaleesi Costume Hair Wig

If you’re into fantasy and roleplay, you will absolutely love this wig inspired in HBO’s Game of Thrones! Every sex doll owner who is a fan of Daenerys Targaryen will love to have their doll use this wig!

Dany was in both rough and tender, always passionate sex scenes throughout the series, so there is a lot of inspiration material for your roleplay.

One of the cons of this wig is certainly the maintenance issue. As it is a long wig with braids all around, it can get tangled easily if you’re not careful.

Also, combing it is a harder task than with most wigs.


Dark Wine Red Ultra Soft Big Wavy Wig

25 Inches Dark Wine Red Ultra Soft Big Wavy Wig

This timeless dark red hair wig embodies one of men’s most common fantasies: sex with a redhead.

It is a beautiful, soft wig made of quality materials. It’s long enough so you can cut and style the wig to your liking.

However, it tends to tangle, so you’ll have to comb this wig more frequently than the rest of wigs in your collection.


Variety Of Sex Doll Wigs

AliExpress Sex Doll Wigs

The variety option! AliExpress is always a good option to consider when it comes to accessories for the huge variety and good deals.

And this is exactly the case for wigs: for less than $20, you will find lots of standard quality wigs, with lots of styles and colors to choose.

Variety is the spice of life, and it’s true when it comes to choosing wigs for your sex doll.

What better way to change the look of your sex doll, a blonde for weekdays and a brunette for weekends, or the other way around!

How To Change A Realistic Sex Doll Wig

Standard wigs come equipped to the size of the doll’s head and remain firmly attached during most activities.

It is the easiest and most convenient method for silicone doll owners.

More experienced sex doll owners buy appropriately sized wig nets and hairpins from a beauty store. One only needs to put the wig net on the doll’s head and the wig on top.

Four pins can be used in the front, back and side to securely attach the wig to the wig cap.

If you prefer to change your sex doll’s wig frequently, use Velcro instead of hairpins, with adhesive on both sides.


Put one side of the Velcro on the wig and the other inside it.

The Velcro will line up when you place the wig on your TPE sex doll, stick it on and keep the wig firmly attached to your love doll.


If you use your sex doll many times during a short period of time you may feel tired of seeing it always with the same wig.

Always the same hairstyle and even the same clothes so you would like to change the appearance of your sex doll.

So, here I have created a complete guide to sex doll wigs, which will help you choose the right wigs for your doll and also tips for cleaning, brushing and securely attaching them.

By choosing a good wig, you can give your doll a completely new look and hairstyle.

Not only you will get very realistic styles with long hair wigs that are easy to brush and wear. You also can choose the length of your hair, with braids or ponytails, etc.

Wigs with shorter hairs will give your doll a more youthful style, and are also easier to maintain without tangles.

That’s all for today and I hope you like this post. Comment below what you like about my post and share it if this post able to help your friends too.



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