How To Brilliantly Buy $2000+ Premium Sex Dolls For $500 Only!

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Today, I will share some handy tricks to own premium sex dolls at a really cheap price. With these tricks, now everyone can F*…. (Including you even if you have a tight budget!)

But first…

Imagine that your ideal girl exists and that she can make all your fantasies come true.

Dating With Your Sex Doll

Dating With Your Sex Doll, media credited to AI-Tech Robot

Next, imagine that you can make your wildest dreams come true by acquire a premium love doll with everything you want and with excellent quality so that the pleasure can last much longer.

But… I know you might be asking now:

“Something of quality could be very expensive, right?”

Having one of the many top quality sex dolls in your bed doesn’t have to be such a complicated task. Let’s just say you should know what and where to look.

But if you don’t know how to do it… Take it easy!

We’ll tell you how to buy over $2,000 of premium sex dolls for $500!

Identify Premium Sex Dolls

The first thing you should evaluate is what material the sex doll you want is made of.

Not all top quality sex dolls are made of TPE, some are made of silicone and for many this material is even better.

Although sex dolls made from TPE are more realistic and more delicate, you need to be more careful not to break the perfect skin on your doll.

But it’s not only about the skin, you need to look into these details to identify a premium sex doll:

Identify Premium Sex Dolls

Doll Love Online

Articulation Points

The greater the quantity, the more positions you can experiment with your doll.

The Skeleton

Is the skeleton made of stainless steel?

The Finish Of The Doll

Some dolls may have some skin remaining after they are unmolded.

If those skin remnants are too thick, even when cut, they can create lumps and seams that may be uncomfortable to the touch.

Painting & Makeup

A quality doll comes with enough detail done in paint, which will make it look even more realistic.

The Face

It may not be a very relevant detail for some people, but what makes it really interesting to buy a sex doll is that its face is realistic and that it has a good finish.

If not, they would buy an inflatable doll, right?

Custom Sex Doll Option

It may be asking a lot, but if possible, some stores give you the possibility to customize eyes, breast size and hair color at no cost.

The Details

Folds of skin, lips, vagina, anus, and even the knuckles, have small details that give a better look to the doll and can also make the sexual act more pleasant.

The small details are what make the difference and a quality sex doll enjoys them.

Seize The Opportunity

Dont Miss The Opportunity

Doll Love Online

Do you want a premium sex doll but don’t want to pay a fortune?


Let the adventure begin!

You can look for special offers/discounts, seasonal discounts, new year’s discounts, Halloween discounts, etc.

It’s actually possible, you just have to find a way. Many sites, stores and even manufacturers, often offer special offers and seasonal discounts.

It’s not just a publicity stunt to increase sales, it’s also a chance to get premium sex dolls at a really affordable price.

Imagine that you can have a witch in your bed to make you fall under her spell every night or a vampire capable of sucking your… blood, and “something else”. With a Halloween discount you could make it.


Or better yet, a smoking hot Mrs. Claus who tells you that she is horny and waits for sitting on your leg under the Christmas tree, is also possible with a Christmas discount.


But That’s Not All…

The seasonal discounts can be unlimited and not only for one particular model, you just have to subscribe to some pages and keep an eye on their updates to enjoy all they have to offer.

Some stores also offer a magic tool, coupon codes for consuming their content, recommend it and even 2×1 discounts.

The secret is to be vigilant in the right places.

In marketplace like you even have the facility to find discount coupons when you first buy, so if you put your eye on one of the dolls offered by the store, you can buy it for a few dollars less.

Premium Sex Dolls Recommended At $500

1. Sexy Army Girl Of Your Dream, From Only $479.50!

Sexy Army Girl Sex Doll

This sun-kissed blonde comes with free gifts like comb, lipstick, heater, cleaner, vibrator, blanket, wig and even erotic lingerie.

For an extra $157.50, you can obtain a hyper-realistic 170cm tall doll weighing 54kg, breastline 80cm, waistline 52cm and hipline 90cm.

If you like big breasts and a sturdy body, this is the doll for you.

2. An Asian Beauty Only For You, From Only $489.50!

Asian Beauty Sex Doll

Easily the most lifelike head on this list!

This is a TPE doll with a beautiful body incredibly realistic features.

If your budget is a bit over $500, you can pay for a taller doll.

The starting price for a 140 cm doll is too good to ignore.

3. Big Breasts Premium Sex Dolls For Less Than $500!

Big Breasts Premium Sex Dolls

This is a delicate and voluptuous Japanese premium sex doll. Not a cheap blow up.

This doll comes with the standard care package for dolls (Wig cleaning tools, gloves, heating rods and random clothes.) and it is made of TPE.

She’s perfect for the man who is seeking a tender companion with some personality…

…her hair color says it all!

4. A Tough Beauty You Can Subdue For Only $489.50

Tough Beauty Kickboxing Love Doll

If you’re not precisely into big breasts and wide hips, you can opt for dolls with slim and fit body.

This doll inspires high-energy, rough situations. And don’t worry about going rough with her in your gym.

For a bit less than $600 you can get a 168cm tall version.

5. The Girl Next Door Could Be Yours For Less Than $300!

beautiful premium doll

This beautiful premium doll with outstanding boobs and butt is made of TPE.

However, she doesn’t comes with the standard doll kit such as cleaner, blanket and etc.

But with a starting price of only $228, you can have a 140cm sexy model sleep with you.

If you have slightly more budget, you can have the option of a 168cm doll for $456.

If you’re looking for the best offers on dolls, don’t doubt on checking AliExpress, since you can buy directly from the manufacturers.

Our favorite options from this list were the Asian beauty (Option #2) for her incredibly realistic face, and Sexy Army Girl (Option #1) for the bonus gifts the seller offers.


Buying real, top quality dolls doesn’t have to be a hard blow to your pocket.

It’s actually a simpler task than it seems, you just need to pay attention to the important details that will make your doll stay with you longer and continue to look like the first day.

Remember that the care of your doll is also up to you. You may buy a $2,000.00 doll or a $500.00 doll but if you don’t give it the necessary care, its stay with you will be very short.

And I’m sure you don’t want that.

Would you like to buy a top quality sex doll at a low cost?

Do you think you have the necessary information to do so?

Don’t forget that if you have any doubts you can comment on them, we will be there to answer your questions.

Share this content with everyone who needs it, believe me, you could save a friend’s pocket.



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