30 Thoughtful Sex Doll Accessories For Your Male Sex Dolls!

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It’s easy to think of things to buy for a female doll. There are tons of sex doll accessories especially thought to enhance the experiences with them.

But what about male sex dolls?

Show your doll (and yourself) some love and have an even better experience with the 30 sex doll accessories for male sex dolls below!

1. Hard Storage Case

sex doll case joy love dolls

If you want your doll lover to be with you for a long time, or if you wish to take him with you on long trips, a hard storage case is the best option for your doll.

The case will keep your doll safe and fresh; plus no one will suspect you are carrying your passionate love doll with you.

If you do think of traveling with your doll, check our article on “Is Possession Of A Sex Doll A Crime?” to make sure you won’t get in trouble for bringing your doll with you.

2. Hook And Bolts For Storage

Hook And Bolts For Storage

The second best choice to keep your doll stored for a long time is to keep him suspended in a well-ventilated space. Shoving your male sex doll in a closet crammed among other items might deform him over time.

So a set of hooks and bolts to suspend your doll is a great investment to make sure your doll stays longer with you.

3. TPE Glue

Sex Doll Accessories TPE Glue

Over time, it’s normal for a TPE doll to suffer cuts and tears; especially with extended use (we know you love to have fun with your doll!).

In this sense, it’s very advisable to have near you a small bottle or two of TPE glue.

Remember, this glue is actually an acid; handle it carefully. More on this subject in our article about How To Use TPE Glue.

4. Heat Rod

sex doll heat rod

A male sex doll can be a great companion on those cold, lonely nights. Being able to hug a lifelike body will make you feel warm.

Wouldn’t it be better if your plastic partner actually were warm, though? You can give your doll some warmth with the help of a heat rod!

These rods will heat your doll’s orifices just about enough so that they feel hot without damaging their material.

However, with some skill and ingenuity, you can warm other parts of the body, such as the penis! See our article about Sex Doll Heating Rod for more info!

Appearance And Style

We are visual beings, that’s undeniable; the sheer fact of owning a lifelike sex doll over other, less human-like toys, proves so. The appearance of your doll can seriously enhance your experience with it! Here are some suggestions.

5. An Extra Set Of Eyes

sex doll accessories extra eyes

Giving your male sex doll a new set of eyes can change completely how you see them (and how they look back at you, too).

Do you prefer the intense gaze of some dark brown eyes? Would you rather get lost in some deep blue eyes?

When you buy an extra set of eyes for your doll, you get to choose!

6. K-pop Idol Wig

sex doll wig for male sex dolls

Nowadays, K-pop idols are among the most desired men by women all around the world.

They look delicate yet handsome; they may appear soft and clean, but their dance moves speak loudly of body power and sex appeal.

7. Clean Cut Wig

Clean Cut Wig

If you prefer to play safe with your doll’s hair, a different color or cut won’t hurt him either.

After all, a man’s sex appeal is also in his hairstyle!

8. Fantasy Character Wig

Fantasy Character Wig For Male Sex Doll

If you are a fan of anime, cosplay, and videogames, you can also try giving your male sex doll a fantasy character style.

Take as an example this Cloud Strife wig, from the Final Fantasy games.

9. Removable Tongue

Removable TPE Tongue

Removable tongues add realism to your doll, on both looks and when kissing.

You can pair a silicon tongue with a bullet vibrator to simulate a tongue eager to please you!

10. Vampire Teeth And Tongue

Love Doll Vampire Teeth And Tongue

You can also give your male doll a vampire-like appearance with this set of teeth and tongue, which is a really nice plus if you’re into that sort of roleplay.

That along with a cape will turn your doll into the sexiest male vampire in the world, only for you.

11. A New Head

new male sex doll head

Most big companies design their sex dolls so the different head models they offer can be interchangeable between bodies.

This way, you can enjoy experiences with different men without having to buy a full doll.

It’s friendlier for your storage space and your pocket!

12. A Spare Penis

Spare Penis Adaptor

It might not happen today, it might not happen tomorrow, but eventually, wear and tear might end up breaking your male doll’s penis.

Or maybe you want to experiment with DP, or share your fun times with someone else! Then it’s a sound idea to buy a spare penis for your doll!

These generally are connected using your doll’s anal orifice.


Costumes and clothing are useful to fulfill erotic fantasies.

While you may never come across a thirsty cowboy waiting to be tamed and ridden, or a frisky policeman with clear intentions of performing a full cavity search, you can live those scenarios by dressing up your doll (and undressing him later!)

While this isn’t a guide on how to dress a male sex doll, here are some interesting outfits that may awaken your desire and inspire you to fulfill your fantasies:

13. Policeman Costume

America Police Costume

Policemen are among the most common fantasized figures by women since they are the perfect representatives of power and authority.

You can play as the criminal who needs to be punished by the long and strong arm of the law!

14. Fireman Costume

Dress Up America Adult Black Fire Fighter Costume

Firemen are, to many, the embodiment of male power. These men risk their lives constantly, performing feats of strength, endurance, and agility to control disasters and save lives.

Maybe you can give him the time of his life after he’s saved yours…

15. Cowboy Costume

Cowboy Costume

Cowboys are also quite a common fantasy among women.

Strong, silent men who choose the solitude of the open and their horse as their faithful companion.

Maybe tonight you will be able to convince him otherwise…

16. Priest Costume

Priest Costume With Robe And Belt

You might not hear this often, but many people will fantasize about seducing or being seduced by a priest, a figure traditionally associated with anything but sex.

But the flesh is weak…

Maybe you’ll be the sinful nun who will drag the priest out of chastity! Maybe the priest will make you repent on your knees…

17. Tat Sleeves

Tat Sleeves

Some people find tattoos very sexy. However, a tattoo might damage your doll by staining and tearing its TPE apart (and it’s difficult to think of a tattoo artist who would agree on ‘inking’ a sex doll.

But there is a solution: tattoo sleeves. All the sexiness of an arm tattoo with the convenience of being wearable.

However, make sure the sleeves you will buy won’t transfer their pigments to your doll. Give them a thorough wash first to make sure they don’t stain.

18. Boxer Briefs

Boxer Briefs For Male Love Doll

What’s the simplest outfit a man can wear? Boxer briefs!

These can look sexy on almost any body type, as they adapt to the body’s natural shape.

Plus, they help by highlighting the bulge that hides your favorite part of the doll!

19. Male Harness

Male Harness

Harnesses are common gear when it comes to erotic scenarios for both men and women.

The usual harness is made of leather, and it includes studs, chains, or spikes; a common accessory to inspire BDSM.

However, this model here is made with nylon and has a much more modern appeal; it looks more sophisticated without being less masculine because of it.

Toys And Enhancers

As you become experienced with your doll, it is normal that the vanilla routines won’t give you as much pleasure as they first did.

It’s okay to want to experiment with new things eventually. The great thing about having a male sex doll is that he won’t say no to any of your erotic fantasies and needs.

The items below are a great starting kit to try new sensations and exciting ways to have fun with your male sex doll!

20. Strap-on Harness For You

This underwear piece is not exactly for your doll; in the first place, it will be worn by you. An interesting choice for women who want to try or are into femdom and pegging.

It can also double as novelty underwear for your doll, similar to a chastity belt.

21. Strapless Strap-on Dildo

This toy is similar to the proposal above, with a twist.

With this toy, you can penetrate your doll while being on the receiving end as well; plus, you can enjoy its vibrations!

22. Vibrator Ring

Vibrator rings are common couples’ toys; they are enjoyable for both partners.

Buying a vibrator ring can make the nights with your doll even more enjoyable!

23. Penis Sleeve

Nowadays you will find a great variety of male sex dolls with not only different body sizes but different penis sizes as well.

If you’re not quite happy with your doll’s length or girth, a set of penis sleeves might just be the solution!

These come in several tip sizes, will fit any doll right, and come with different textures (smooth, natural, ribbed).


You might be thinking, aren’t condoms unnecessary when it comes to using a male sex doll? We’re here to tell you otherwise.

Condoms nowadays are much more than a simple physical contraceptive barrier. While it is true that the many textures, flavors, and sensations were thought to encourage their use, they can add a lot to the sexual experience!

Let’s see some examples.

24. Fire And Ice Condoms

Fire & Ice Dual Action Condoms

These condoms are UNIQUE when it comes to new sensations!

In the past, people who wanted to experiment with something alike had to resort to using actual ice, hot oil, or icy-hot creams not designed with sexual activity in mind; so they ended up with either disappointing or undesired results.

Now, you can experiment with the icy hotness at safe and pleasurable levels!

25. Textured Condoms

Textured condoms are precisely made for the receiver’s pleasure!

They are a great alternative to the textured penis sleeves above, providing new textures without adding length or girth.

The downside? These are pretty much a one-off item, as they need to be discarded after use.

26. Flavored Condoms

Premium Flavored Condom

Who says you can’t have some fun and pleasure as the giver when it comes to oral sex? It’s even better when you get something tasty to keep you going!

27. Pheromone Massage Oil

What is sexier than a full body massage with oil?

Here’s what: a full body massage with pheromone oils!

Pheromones are substances that most animals emit when they are in the mood to increase their potential mate’s sexual desire.

It works just the same on humans: giving your doll an erotic massage or hugging him with the oil on will make you feel sexier and will increase your pleasure!

28. Scented Massage Oil

Not every encounter with your male sex doll has to be wild or energic. You can also take things slow and have soothing experiences with him.

There’s no need to rush anything; you can give your doll a full body massage with scented oils, then rub against him to get yourself oiled too.

The scents of the oils will relax and refresh you while taking care of your male doll’s skin.

29. LUBE

It’s always a good idea to have a bottle of lube on your bedside table when you’re about to enjoy your doll.

Being properly lubricated will help make insertions smoother, making things more enjoyable for you and safer for you and your doll.

About lubes and massage oils: make sure they’re water-soluble or water-based. Lubricants and massage oils based on mineral oil might damage you or your doll.

30. Why Not? Another Companion!

The more the merrier! We enjoy variety, and when outfits or sex toys won’t do, you can try by acquiring a new plastic partner!

As a matter of fact, most sex doll owners have more than one; they say once you start, you can’t have enough!

A new partner, be it male or female, can help you simulate exciting experiences such as voyeurism or a threesome.


A little creativity and the items on this list can give you hours of pleasurable fun alongside your male sex doll. What item in the list did you like the most?

Do you have other ideas for accessories? Let us know in the comments! Also, share this list with your fellow male sex doll enthusiasts! Thank you for reading!


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