Sex Doll Forum And Communities That You Never Heard Off

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Have you ever heard of sex dolls and wonder what they are used for?

Have you ever found yourself mistakenly looking or playing with a doll thinking that it was just a regular doll, only it was really a sex doll?

Worst, those who have seen you cringed or have snickered on your honest mistake.

In that case, you need to be educated more on such topics, whether you use it for their actual purpose or not.

It is better to avoid such awkward situations and people laughing at you, don’t you think? That is why sex doll forums and communities for such topics existed.

What Are Sex Dolls?

What Are Sex Dolls

What Are Sex Dolls

Sex dolls are increasingly becoming popular these days, especially now that they have improved not only by their appearance but also by its gender.

Yes, you heard that quite right.

Sex dolls are not made for the male species anymore.

There are also male sex dolls available now that women can enjoy as well.

Furthermore, they are actually almost life-sized now so that you, ladies and gentlemen, wouldn’t have to imagine hard that you are having sex with a true human being when actually, it was only with a sex doll. 

This is all because they also look like one.

They are now made to have almost the same built, the feel of their skin, the texture of their body, and their genitals are so realistic as well.

Want To Know More About Sex Dolls?

Know More About Sex Dolls

If you have just started becoming interested in sex dolls, you can join sex doll forum and communities to help widen your knowledge.

They are not only for newbies but for those who have already owned one and looking for a better sex doll.

There are also sex doll users who just want to share their knowledge and experiences with such dolls.

You can receive advice, discuss shops that sell sex dolls, and talk about the future of these kinds of dolls.

Sex Doll Forum & Sex Doll Community That You Don’t Want to Miss

There are already many available sex doll forums and sex doll community on the internet now.

All you have to do is search, but we have listed below some for you to get on quickly with your learning.

Sex Doll Forum

Sex Doll Forum

1. Cover Doll

This forum allows sex doll users to share their experiences with their dolls as well as share photos of them. It also publishes an e-magazine every month which contains the stories and photos of the users.

You can visit them at

2. Ourdoll Community

Currently, this sex doll community houses 5000 members. In here, you can talk to other members about sex dolls and learn a lot from them.

They share experiences so you can connect with them share yours if you want to.

This sex doll community also has a marketplace where members can trade, buy, and sell sex dolls and accessories as well. It is highly recommended though that you do not purchase used dolls and use them personally.

If you want to add accessories and clothes for your doll for a cheap price, just click on this link

3. The Doll Forum

Last but not the least, The Doll Forum is the known largest sex doll forum and community which has over 50,000 members.

These members are all eager to share their sex dolls and their user experience. Inside The Doll Forum, you can learn more about sex dolls in general.

This website,, even has a global library where you can find various doll resellers, manufacturers and reviews from sex doll users.

Looking For Used Sex Dolls For Sale?

We all knows that sex doll is not cheap. If you want to get a sex doll at a tight budget, you can find used sex dolls for sale in the forum.

However, we still highly recommend you to get a new doll due to several reason:

  • Hygiene: First of all, we do not know the condition of the doll. A sex doll with poor hygiene is an ideal breeding ground for bacteria, especiall the orifices such as sex doll vagina, mouth or anus.

    If you insist to get a used sex doll, we highly recommend you to read my previous post, “How To Clean A Sex Doll?
  • Quality Assurance: Before you buy used sex doll, you have to make sure that you check carefully to ensure the doll is in good condition. So you won’t spend your hard earn money to get a broken doll.
  • Trust: You have to make sure your receive the product after you make payment. So only go for this option if you know the seller very well.

Conclusion For Sex Doll Forum

There are many others out there you’re free to explore. You can’t just hide that burning curiosity circling around your head. You can’t just control that urge that seeks release.

All you just need is to take courage and get yourself in an adventure.

You don’t know how amazing these things will be. Start joining these sex doll forums and communities and have fun!


  1. Andrew

    The UKForum is very well known as the DollForum as I joined both. You can learn alot from both.

    • Sexdollogy Admin

      Hi Andrew, thanks for reading my blog. I joined that forum too. There are a lot of cute dolls and tricks to maintain dolls in this forum.

  2. Keith

    I need a woman who has a husband that has sex dolls like me

    • Sexdollogy Admin

      Lol Keith, that’s the dream for most man that own a sex doll.

  3. WM Dolls

    Thank you for share very good contents

    • Sexdollogy Admin

      Hi WM Dolls, you are most welcome. We love your dolls too. 🙂

  4. BestRealDoll

    Thanks for sharing, these are very useful and professional content.

      • Sharon

        This forum amazing, Thanks for your kind feedback, this is our great pleasure.


          You are welcome. We will share more great content. Please come back often. 🙂

  5. cenforce 200

    sexdollogy is a amazing, Thanks for your kind feedback, this is our great pleasure.


      Hi Cenforce, thanks for coming to my blog. We hope you like what we share. 🥰

  6. finelovedolls

    Sexdollogy is a great website! Great infos!


      Hi finelovedolls, thanks for coming my site. I’m glad to see that my is helpful for you.



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