Wonder Woman Sex Doll Review: Heroine That Boost Your Libido!

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What is better than the Wonder Woman Love Doll when you have a ‘lady warrior’ fantasy?

You get to conquer the most wonderous woman on the entire planet. It is quite normal to have a sexy and fierce fantasy with the all-powerful Wonder Woman.

When you have a deep desire for domination, the Wonder Woman is an excellent choice if you ask me.

In this article, we will take a compressive look at Wonder Woman Sex Doll Review and why you need to purchase it.

Things To Consider Before Buying A Wonder Woman Sex Doll

Wonder Woman Sex Doll

Before you buy a Wonder Woman Sex Doll, you need to consider a few things.

However, before we get to that, let me give you a short brief on the origin of the Wonder Woman character.

Created by William Marston, the Wonder Woman character signifies a strong superwoman that secretly enjoys being overpowered by male sexuality.

Well, now that you know this small fact, are you ready to buy the Wonder Woman Sex Doll? Here is an extensive list of things you need to consider before making the purchase.

1. Material

Material Used For Wonder Woman Doll

Ensure that she has a ‘body safe’ label attached.

What this means is that the sex doll is constructed from safe materials. You want a a doll that you can use in all the different positions you desire.

The construction material also ensures that you get value for your money.

Understand that the ‘lady warrior’ fantasy is here to stay, which means that you need a long-lasting “Girlfriend”.

The material used in construction will dictate whether you have a durable sex doll.

2. Budget

Money Is Not A Problem

Yes, you have to consider your budget when making any purchase. This is also true when purchasing the Wonder Woman Sex Doll.

Look for a vendor that falls within your price range.

There are many different suppliers with amazing deals that you could take advantage of in the market.

However, the Wonder Woman Love Doll is definitely worth the price.

As stated earlier, it doesn’t get better than Wonder Woman Doll when you need a superwoman to dominate. Fulfilling your sexual desires is definitely worth the price.

3. Size

Sex Doll Size Really Matter

You want nothing but the best for your ‘lady warrior’ fantasy, thus making size a considerable consideration.

What you need is just the right size for a more satisfying experience.

The good news is that the she is the perfect size for the modern man.

Note that a life-size sex doll will get you more satisfaction and realism.

Remember, you are spending a fortune on this sex doll, and it needs to be perfect.

Introducing Wonder Woman Sex Doll

Wonder Woman Sex Doll allows you to have a powerful woman lying quivering beneath you whenever you want.

If you have a tremendous appetite for dominating a ‘lady warrior,’ you must consider this fantastic doll.

Wonder Woman Doll

What I love about this sex doll is how it brings realism to life, unlike the other counterparts. Wonder Woman fans get the chance to explore new heights of their fantasies.

Compared to other sex dolls, the Wonder Woman Sex Doll brings to life one of the greatest fantasies in existence.

She has the perfect height and figure to fulfil all your sexual wants and desires. Note that here vagina is tight and steamy, thus making the experience magical.

The plump breasts are an excellent addition that will have you spending days on your bed.

You get a partner that is always ready to fulfill your sexual desires.

If you want to get continuously aroused during the day and night, all you need to do is turn your sex doll on, and you are good to go.

The whole dominating a ‘lady warrior’ factor made me spend days lying in my bed.

You get to improve your sex performance. When using her, you will get motivated to dominate the entire scene.

Users can also try out new ways to conquer their sexual partners in bed. With this sex doll, there is no shying away from new experiences.

You get three penetration options; anal, vaginal, and oral, with different depths to improve your experience.

The different depths ensure that you get adequate satisfaction while having intercourse.

You can also start exploring new heights in your sexual fantasies.

The lack of intimacy is a vast con when it comes to a doll.

The good news, however, is that you can move her hand around when you need an enticing massage. Generally, these sex dolls don’t give you the desired amount of intimacy.

The cost is relatively steep, although entirely worth it if you ask me. If you take a moment to think about it, it’s way cheaper than a girlfriend.

You don’t have to go on dates, and sex is always guaranteed.

Features And Benefits

She comes in TPE material, which is more realistic and flexible than the silicone sex dolls.

Apart from that, getting the right sex doll lubricants for TPE dolls is also easier.

After deformation, your Wonder Woman Sex Doll will immediately restore the tightness for a second go.

Wonder Woman Sex Doll Features And Benefits


With a height of 165 cm (5 feet 5 inches), the her height is quite ideal and relatable.

You will have a sex doll that is only a few inches shorter than you, thus getting you a more satisfying experience.


The 31-inch bust, 30-inches hips, and 21-inches waist make it the perfect partner to dominate.

The dimensions ensure you get an erotic and beautiful partner that is ready to fulfill all your fantasies and desires.

Penetration Entries

Three penetration entries give you a magical experience. You can start with a blowjob before moving on to vaginal sex.

Finish off your experience with a tight anal sex experience that is guaranteed to offer satisfaction.


The stainless-steel joints and skeleton give you a long-lasting sex doll.

This is a feature that I found quite impressive, considering I plan to use my sexy companion for the decades to come.

Social Proof And Testimonials

Before I purchased my her, I looked at different customer Wonder Woman Sex Doll Reviews.

These testimonials all over the internet reassured me that this sex doll was worth the price tag. Some of the testimonials that I loved include the following:



Billy wrote a Wonder Woman Sex Doll Review on Sex Doll Genie that he was blown away by the quality.

He went further on to write ’nice one,’ which, in my opinion, shows the immense level of satisfaction that comes with the Wonder Woman Love Doll.



Malcolm wrote on the same website that the doll was exactly what he needed with excellent quality.

He finished his review with ‘could not ask for more,’ which shows you the exemplary services you get with this sex doll.



L.Z wrote on Sexy Real Sex Dolls that the body is perfectly crafted and looks very real.

He also went on to state that it is the most satisfactory sex doll in his collection.

The above reviews showcase precisely what you get when you purchase the Wonder Woman Sex Doll.

You get nothing but a good quality sex doll to fulfil all your sexual fantasies. I particularly love the outfit that gives this sex doll a more realistic look and feel.

Where To Buy Wonder Woman Love Doll

Are you ready to bring your ‘warrior lady’ home?

Do you want a heroine that will boost your libido?

Well, look no further than the Wonder Woman. You can purchase this amazing sex heroine from the following stores online.

Silicon Wives

silicon wives wonder woman sex doll

The Silicon wives website offers at a competitive price. You get a lot of customization offers to ensure the sex doll suits your needs.

The sex doll is 165 cm tall, with a weight of 30 kgs. It is available at $1,899.00 at the moment, making it a huge bargain.

You get to make the payment through Bitcoin, Master Card, Visa, and a few more options.

Sex Doll Genie

sexdollgenie diana wonder woman doll

The Diana-Wonder Woman Sex Doll is available at Sex Doll Genie at $2,150. You also get a lot of customization offers, ensuring you get a product that suits your needs.

Their payment options are also quite versatile.

Users get the option of Master Card, Visa, PayPal, and American Express. Buying this sex doll at this store is an excellent option when you need to customize several features.

Sexy Real Sex Dolls

sexy real sex dolls wonder woman

The Wonder Woman Love Doll is also available at Sex Real Sex Dolls with a height of 165 cm and 29.5 kgs.

It is made from high-quality TPE, and you get a lot of customization options. It goes for 2,099 USD, with a lot of payment options available.


When you need to fulfil your ‘warrior lady’ fantasy, the Wonder Woman is an excellent choice.

You get a heroin that will significantly boost your libido and fulfil your sexual dreams.

So check out the merchant above to look at some of the customizations offers available when you purchase your first ‘warrior lady’.

I wish you like my Wonder Woman Sex Doll Review and I hope these fantastic dolls able to fulfil your wildest desire.



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