Should I Buy A Mini Sex Doll?

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Have you experienced the pleasure of quality time with a sex doll? A mini sex doll is a fun and exciting way to spice your love and sex life.

Manufacturers have developed various sizes, designs, and features accounting for your fashion, tastes, and preferences.

If your country allows sex dolls and toys, you should consider getting a small sex doll, whether you are married or own a full-sized sex doll.

This guide highlights advantages, disadvantages, cleaning & maintenance tips, and how to choose a mini sex doll.

Table Of Contents

  1. Benefits Of A Mini Sex Doll
  2. Disadvantages Of A Small Sex Doll
  3. Factors To Consider When Buying A Mini Sex Doll
  4. How To Use A Mini Sex Doll
  5. Tips For Clean-up
  6. Other Alternatives
  7. Bottom Line

Benefits Of A Mini Sex Doll

You need to get one because a mini love doll has a lot of advantages that you never think before. Such as below:

1. Easy to store.

You can easily hide your sex doll in plain sight in your room, office, or man cave.

While on a trip or vacation, you can pack the doll alongside other essentials.

2. Efficient in improving your performance.

A small sex doll is readily available and does little to complain about the extent of your indulgences.

You can explore different sex positions and move to sweep your partner off her feet.

100cm mini silicone sex doll

100cm Mini Silicone Sex Doll – Image Credited To Hot Sexy Dolls

3. Highly portable.

The weight and sex doll sizes let you explore different positions and different parts of the house.

4. Excellent addition to your collection.

If you have sex toys, getting a mini sex doll won’t hurt even if you have a full-sized model or a real woman in your life.

5. Low maintenance costs.

A sex doll saves you from commitments, unnecessary expenditure, and the trouble of keeping your clandestine lover a secret.

Your love doll only requires regular maintenance and cleaning to ensure that it runs smoothly.

6. Reducing unfaithfulness.

If you are married or in a long-distance relationship, you can use a doll when needed. The doll also comes in handy during a threesome, when your wife is on her periods, pregnant, or sick.

7. Slightly cheaper than a full-sized sex doll.

Mini dolls are available at almost half the price of full-sized dolls as they require fewer resources to build compared to full-sized ones.

8. A variety to choose.

Manufacturers are targeting clients of different fashion, tastes, and preferences.

You can get a mini sex doll of your preferred race, body shape, sex doll sizes, eye color, hair color, and customizability to your specifications.

Disadvantages Of A Small Sex Doll

100cm Sex Doll

100cm Cute Mini Adult Doll – Image Credited To Hot Sexy Dolls

Disadvantages of a mini adult doll include:

1. Your usage is limited.

A mini sex doll’s size limits you from engaging in cuddling, dancing, and dinner and tea dates.

2. Dressing her may be difficult.

Unlike a full-sized sex doll, you may experience some setbacks when shopping for clothes and other accessories.

3. You are limited to one orifice.

Most small sex dolls have the vagina as a sole orifice. If you need to explore anal, you should consider getting a real woman or a full-sized doll.

4. The vagina can be relatively short.

Your mini love doll may deny you satisfaction and pleasure in case the vagina is too small and unable to accommodate you in different positions.

5. Comes short on realism.

A sex doll can substitute the need for a woman. Unfortunately, you may need to feel the warmth between a real woman’s legs once in a while.

Factors To Consider When Buying A Mini Sex Doll

Doesn’t matter if it’s a life-size love doll or a mini love doll. They aren’t cheap!

So during your first or subsequent purchases, you should consider these factors before you spend your hard-earned money.

1. Your Budget.

When shopping, consider the amount you are willing and able to spend for a mini sex doll.

Apart from the doll, you also have to pay for shipping, customs duties, maintenance costs, accessories and other costs.

2. Size.

Mini dolls are available in different sizes and shapes.

Consider a size that accommodates you comfortably and easy to store in your room, office, or man cave.

Blonde Mini Love Doll

Blonde Mini Love Doll – Image Credited To Hot Sexy Dolls

3. Weight

To enjoy your sex, get a doll that you can easily carry from one point to another without breaking a sweat as you explore different sex positions and styles.

4. Building Material.

You may opt for a doll built using silicone, TPE, or a combination of both. Silicone dolls have higher stimulation and durability, while the TPE dolls are squeezable, soft, and flexible.

5. Physical attributes.

Consider factors like race, hair, eyes, breasts, waistline, booty, hips, and facial features to ensure that you get a doll resembling your dream woman.

6. Customizability.

A manufacturer can create a doll considering attributes like the head, hair, eyes, vagina, skin color, fingernails, breast size, nipple color, vagina color, pubic hair, tongue, and packability.

How To Use A Mini Sex Doll

This section offers guidance for appropriate usage of your doll(s).

Use A Mini Sex Doll

125cm Sexy Love Doll – Image Credited To Hot Sexy Dolls

1. Unpacking.

Open your package, inspect to determine available contents and signs of damage before your first use.

2. Getting ready

Set a romantic mood to make it more realistic. Ensure that it is well lubricated to avoid damaging your doll.

3. Positions and play

You can explore variations of positions like spooning, missionary and doggy style in different parts of your house.

Crops and straps do little in damaging the soft skin of your mini sex doll.

Tips For Clean-up And Care Of Mini Sex Dolls

Appropriate cleaning and maintenance of your doll entails the tips highlighted below.

  1. Remove excess lubricants and body fluid using a towel.
  2. Remove the wig and vaginal insert for separate cleaning.
  3. Use soap and warm water to keep your doll fresh and clean. Focus on the face, vagina, and mouth.
  4. Avoid getting the head and neck too wet and cover the metallic parts.
  5. Refrain from using hard sponges, wire brushes, abrasive soaps, and other general cleaning products
  6. Lay your doll on towels and let it dry with spread legs and a fan nearby
  7. DO NOT dry your mini sex doll near using a radiator or near an open fire.
Clean Your Sex Doll After Use

Clean Your Sex Doll After Use, Video Credited To Best Sex Dolls

Alternatives To Mini Love Dolls

If you are not comfortable using a mini love doll, consider getting a:

1. Pocket pussies and fleshlights

Pocket pussies and fleshlights are made of ultra-realistic synthetic material to deliver unforgettable experiences.

2. Sex doll torsos

A sex doll torso is designed with enough features to mimic women’s feelings and positions in bed.

3. A real woman

Consider getting a woman that shares your sexual orientation.

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Bottom Line

Now, The question is, “Should I buy a mini sex doll?”

Unlike the traditional notion that a sex doll is for sex perverts only, you can use a love doll, whether you are in a relationship, married, or single.

Fortunately, your mini love doll does not have to substitute your wife or a full-sized sex doll.

  • What’s a mini sex doll.
  • Advantages and disadvanatges.
  • Factors to consider before you buy it.
  • How to use and clean it.
  • And the viable alternative to a mini sex doll.

I hope this article give you a better understand for mini sex doll and help you to make a better decision before your first or subsequent purchase.


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