Best Sex Doll Lubricants For TPE Doll: Bang With Max Pleasure!

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Sex dolls exist to give men a pleasurable time and rank as the best sex toys today. Compared to other sex toys, they are more realistic and can make a guy to orgasm.

There are two types of sex dolls, namely TPE sex dolls and silicone.

In this article, TPE dolls are discussed at length to give you a relevant list of considerations, especially sex doll lubricants, if you seek more action in your life.

Quick Sex Doll Lubricants Comparison




Nooky Lubes Small

Nooky Lube
$23.93 (32 oz)

Isabel Fay Small

Isabel Fay
$26.95 (16 oz)

Lulu Lube Small

Lulu Lube
$16.34 (16 oz)

Alchemy Classic Water Based Personal Lubricant Small

Alchemy Classic
$13.99 (2 oz)

Divine 9 Lubricant Small

Divine 9 Lube
$20.32 (8 oz)

Note: You will find more details and my personal review for each sex doll lubricants below. If you urgently need it, you can click “Shop Now” button above to check for availability and read customer reviews.

What Is A TPE Doll?

Thermoplastic elastomers apply a unique set of materials that combine the feel, look, and elasticity of conventional thermoset rubber and plastics’ processing efficiency.

Because of its suppleness, TPE is a popular material in everyday items owing to its rubber-like features.

Apart from that, TPE is more porous than silicone. With that said, your doll is highly vulnerable to humidity.

TPE Dolls

TPE Dolls, image by Sexy Sex Doll


  • Provides a more realistic feel due to its soft, elastic nature
  • More flexible. Therefore, it allows multiple sex positions
  • The breasts and buttocks wobble back and forth when rocking your doll
  • TPE dolls are compatible with both silicon-based and water-based lubricants

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  • It is more sensitive to heat and temperature changes.
  • Made from a porous material.

Why Lube For Sex Dolls?

Sexual intercourse involves lubrication for extra pleasure. Foreplay is crucial when having sex with a woman to trigger natural wetting.

sex doll lubricants

With a sex toy, lubes are essential to bringing wetness, allowing for easy penetration.

Maintenance Of Your Love TPE Sex Doll

For TPE doll owners, there are several matters involved in proper care.

Here is a list of maintenance requirements you ought to be conversant with when purchasing your TPE sex doll.

1. TPE Rehydration

Hydrate the entire doll every month with mineral oil to keep the doll factory new. Remember to remove baby powder before oiling her body and use Vaseline for high-stress areas such as the armpits and vagina.

2. Use Sex Doll Lubricants

It is recommendable a water-based lubricant with your doll for sexual penetration.

Silicone-based oils could damage your TPE material.

3. Storage

It is essential to store your doll correctly.

Remember to keep legs and arms straight and parallel to the body when not in use.

4. Cloth Stains

Colored clothes may stain your doll’s skin.

If you desire to use such garments and are new, wash them before dressing your doll with them.

Requirements For Keeping Your TPE Doll

Shower With Sex Doll

Shower With Sex Doll, image credited to Sexy Real Sex Dolls

1. Mild Shampoo and Conditioner

These are specifically crucial for your doll’s hair and wigs. Apply them as you would on real hair. Do not overdo or you risk your doll to hair fall.

2. Antibacterial Soap and Water

For TPE dolls, consider mild soap or ones you can purchase from a specifically designed vendor for TPE dolls.

3. Towels and Clothes

It is vital to keep your doll dry. After cleaning up, go for air-drying or towel drying to prevent humidity.

4. Water-Based Sex Doll Lubricants

While lubrication is necessary for your doll during sex, it is up to you to select the right kind. Water-based lubes are ideal since they are more compatible with the doll and easy to clean.

Keep Away These Substance From Your TPE Doll

1. Solvents

Avoid all kinds of solvents and compounds such as spirits, paint thinner, nitro-thinner, and products containing solvents like alcohol-free baby wipes.

Solvents trigger a dissolving process inside the TPE structure, making them extremely harmful to your doll.

2. Alcohol

You should keep your doll away from alcohol-based substances such as disinfection wipes, soaps, and sprays.

Alcohol causes irreparable cuts and a dry-out effect within the TPE structure.

3. Silicone Oil

Silicone products, including wet condoms and silicone-based, lubes. Such products corrupt the TPE structure making it harder, cracked, and brittle.

They may also initiate the shrinking process of the TPE.

4. Vegetable Oil

Also, avoid products that contain vegetable oil such as cremes, fruity oils, shower gels with coconut oils, and so on.

Vegetable oil hinders the breathing function of the TPE by sealing the TPE surface.

First Day Of Your TPE Doll Matter A Lot

take care

Take Care Your Sex Doll – Use Sex Doll Lubricants

After purchase, wash your doll with and apply some baby powder. Practice care when unboxing her. Be patient and ensure your doll is straight and tight to the core.

Bath her to get rid of the chemical smell, then fan dries her and fully powder. Instead of taking her to the bathroom, you can use a wet cloth to clean all her parts.

Remember to use sex doll lubricants for sex.

Taking your doll to the bathroom is highly inappropriate. All you need to clean her is the spray bottle, makeup brush, and baby powder.

After laying your doll horizontally on a flat surface such as a bed, use the spray bottle to make a soft soap mixture mix.

Spray her torso, legs, and arms then dry her with the microfiber towel.

You can then powder her to remove the tacky feeling and usher in a smooth one.

Even after cleaning your doll with soap and water, your doll may still have stains and persistent stains. Remove these stains by stroking baby oil repeatedly on its surfaces.

After cleaning your doll, you can proceed to rub it all in with baby oil, letting it soak.

How To Care For Your Doll

1. Keep Clear Of Moisture

Always keep your sex doll dry. While it is essential to clean it regularly, be sure to towel it afterward by ensuring the insides are dry.

Due to TPE’s porous nature, excessive moisture may find its way deeper into your doll.

2. Powder Up

Ensure your doll is well-powdered frequently. You may settle for neutral-smelling baby powder or another with your favorite variant.

3. Air Dry

When idle, expose your sensitive crevices to air. This move ensures no there is no remaining moisture or vapor trapped in the orifices.

Failure to do this may expose your doll to molds.

Best Sex Doll Lubricants For TPE Doll

Before selecting your lubricant of choice, you should consider such factors as the cost involved, country of origin, glycerin content, and others.

For TPE sex dolls, it is crucial to use water-based lubricants instead of silicone-based ones. Here is a list of lubricants ideal for your TPE doll.

1. Nooky Lube

Manufactured in the USA, this lube is beautifully designed with an elegant pump bottle.

This lube’s silky feel gives it more slip compared to silicone-based and petrol-based lubricants. Thus, making it ideal for your TPE sex doll.

  • Tasteless and colorless: If you have less tolerance for certain smells and tastes, this product is designed to give you a good time without discomfort.
  • Rinses off with water: Since your doll needs to be clean, it is crucial to choose a lube that will give you a relaxing time cleaning.
  • Does not dry out: When it comes to lubes, ones that stay moist for long are favorites. This kind accords more prolonged pleasure thankfully to its wet design.
  • Free from glycerin and paraben: These contents may be injurious to your health.

2. Isabel Fay

This sex doll lubricants is ideal for you if you desire all-natural lubrication.

Isabel Fay understands that intaking harmful chemical compounds in the body are toxic. As such, it consists of only natural ingredients and free from parabens, glycerin, and hormones.

  • Risk-free purchase: For any queries or discontentment with the product, contact the seller, and you can be sure to find a resolve.
  • This kind lacks harmful content such as glycerin and parabens.
  • Discreet label: This product has a hundred percent money-back guarantee. Manufactured in the USA, it is a condom safe lubricant for sex and appropriate for all sex toys.
  • It is a Natural water-based sexual lubricant for sensitive skin.
  • This lube is odorless and colorless, therefore easy to clean and hence does not stain your sex toy easily.

3. Lulu Lube

This product is elegantly designed in a fashionable bottle.

It can sit nicely on any bedside table. Lulu Lubes unique formula silky and smooth, giving it more slip than petroleum and silicone-based lubricants.

  • Ideal for sensitive skin: If your skin is sensitive, you should seek a lube tolerant to your skin.
  • This thick, durable water-based sex offers gel gives more lubrication without stickiness.
  • It does not dry out: This lulu product guarantees longer moisturization, thereby giving you longer satisfaction.
  • It is perfect for toys: This product is ideal for both toys and humans alike.
  • Colorless and tasteless: It also has no smell, hence appropriate and does not stain easily.
  • Free from paraben and glycerin

4. Alchemy Classic – Water Based Sex Doll Lubricants

Alchemy personal lubricants are designed to offer extra pleasure and reduce resistance during intercourse.

This water-based lubricant is ideal for your toy for the following reasons;

  • Latex-safe: For people with latex allergies, this lube considers your unique condition since it is manufactured latex-free.
  • Long-lasting: With this lube, time is not an issue. It is manufactured to give you sexual pleasures for an extended period.
  • Non-drying formula
  • Increased pleasure
  • They are made from a unique blend of the most exclusive ingredients.

5. Divine 9 Lubricant

This lube uses a seaweed extract known as carrageenan, thus appropriate for extra-sensitive skin.

Also, this lube is compatible with both silicone toys and latex condoms.

Designed to help prevent the transmission of the HPV virus, this lube is also ideal polyisoprene condoms.

Divine 9 lubricant is manufactured in the USA and has been tested at McGill University medical school.

  • Water-based: This feature makes it ideal for your TPE sex doll.
  • Durable: When compared to other lubricants in the market, this kind is longer lasting.
  • Made from natural ingredients: Ingredients involved in its manufacture include propylene glycol, citric acid saccharin, carrageenan, and purified water.
  • Moisturizes: As mentioned, lubrications give more pleasure during penetration. This lube offers a more significant deal of moisturization pitched against its rivals.

Bottom Line

Even though ladies get naturally wet, you may need some lube to make you wetter. Sex dolls, too, need lubrication to facilitate easier penetration during intercourse.

Although TPE sex dolls are cheaper, the downside is that they are inherently porous. As such, it is crucial to clean and disinfect to prevent the chances of bacteria carefully.

Lubricants make sex more pleasurable. However, it may aid in your intense sexual action leading to orgasm. If you have a TPE sex doll, water-based sex doll lubricants is recommended for your doll to last longer.



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