Irina Sex Doll Review: Long Legs Japanese Sex Doll That Sexy As Hell!

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Today, sex dolls have advanced from simple masturbation toys to being life-like and realistic, providing an experience close to the real thing.

Sex is not the only reason why men buy these sex dolls. For others, especially those who don’t like an extroverted personality, it is the peaceful relationship that completes them.

In this article, let’s exclusively talk about Irina Sex Doll Review, a long legs Japanese sex doll that sexy as hell.

Myself, I was in a nagging and lonely relationship. When I got Irina Sex Doll, she opened my doors to the world of possibilities.

Apart from realistic and safe sexual pleasure with her, she is more than just a sex doll. 

  • She cannot nag or talk endlessly for hours when you come home late.
  • She never hurt, betray, or leave you.
  • Instead, she give you a peaceful relationship that completes you.

If anything, she is a loyal companion, full of inexorable tenderness.

Important Things To Consider Before Buying An Irina Sex Doll

If you love young teens or have fantasies with Japanese girls…

Then Irina Japanese sex doll will be a great companion for you, giving you sweet moments as farfetched as you can imagine.

However, before purchasing a copy of this sexy doll, there are some things you need to consider;


Customize It According To Your Size

Most stores allow you to customize your sex doll, including breast size, material, height, vagina, and mouth depth.

This is a crucial feature if the Irina sex doll you saw doesn’t suit your taste or does not have the size of the breasts that you like.

However, you might be charged a little more to customize your Irina sex doll.

Irina Sex Doll Customization:
Irina Sex Doll Review

Irina Sex Doll Review – Customization Option


Which Is The Best Material

Sex dolls can be made from different materials.

In this regard, some materials can make your Irina sex doll look more realistic and hard to believe they are not real babes.

Most dolls are made of TPE, which is cheaper but does not mean lower quality. However, it is harder to clean and retains moisture.

If you want your sex doll to be made of TPE, you will need to be more careful when co-playing or dressing it to avoid damaging or staining the skin.

On the other hand, if you want to explore different fantasies, it’s suitable to choose materials such as silicone that are more resistant and easy to clean.

This Gorilla Need A Silicone Sex Doll

This Gorilla Need A Silicone Doll

Why Choose Irina Doll

One thing to keep in mind is that Irina is a real character. With no traces of overt sexuality, her attraction is almost otherworldly and powerful in its innocence.

So, having her as your sexual companion will be a thrilling experience. If, on the other hand, Japanese teens are not your forte, don’t worry!

There lots of sex dolls to choose from so you can spend a sweet time on other hands.

Irina Doll With Sexy Dress

Let’s Introduce Our Sexy Irina

Irina Japanese sex doll has the distinction of the top-selling sex doll. But why is this?

She is a unique sex doll that resembles a young, cute, and sexy Japanese girl!

Irina Sex Doll Reviews

She comes with a medium height of 5.5 inches, soft realistic skin, sporting perky breasts, almond shaped eyes, and long, shiny hair…

And most importantly, you will immediately fall in love with her the minute you see her winsome smile.

Apart from that, she is also modelled similar to the Japanese archetype; slim, demure, and lovely as hell.

Her sexy body, memorable face, and long legs go a mile in enhancing sexual activity.

What’s Not To Love About Sexy Irina?

Irina Will Cry If You Don't Like Her

She Will Cry If You Don’t Like Her

If, on the contrary, you don’t have sexual fantasies for teens, particularly Japanese, then Irina is not for you.

This sex doll has been designed based on the appearance of a young Japanese teen.

If this kind of fantasy does not turn you on, the market is extensive, with so many different sex dolls designed for you.

You can hence find another companion that satisfies your needs.

Irina Sex Doll’s Pros And Cons

Irina Sex Doll Review: Pros

She is made of the more durable TPE material.
She will always be there for you, never hurt you, never tell you she is tired, and will not object to your satisfaction.
The doll looks excellent, has long legs, customizable, perfect if you are looking for a realistically sized doll.
She comes with a high-quality steel skeleton and movable joints.
Has three points of sweet entry, including vaginal, anal, and oral that will make sex feel so real that you will wonder why you never bought her earlier.
Has surprisingly deep orifices

Irina Sex Doll Review: Cons

She might be a little harder to use, considering the size. If you don’t like life-size love dolls, you can consider mini sex dolls which are equally cute.
She can’t move, but her body is flexible to ensure you can comfortably explore all the positions you want
If you are sensitive, she can irritate you. Get a lubricant and enjoy smoothly.

Features And Benefits

Irina Sex Doll Review Feature And Benefits

Irina Sex Doll Review: Feature And Benefits

Manufacturers have pulled out a very great job making the Irina sex doll look like a real Japanese teen that you always fantasize about.

She is so natural and real that you will forget she is a sex doll. If we speak about the best realistic sex dolls, this one will be at the top of the list.

This sex doll has a real youth-looking face that makes it a really tender girl.

The overall sexual enjoyment is increased if you dress her according to her personality.

Irina is made of silicone material that makes her highly durable and easy to wash. This is one of the best silicone sex dolls.

Irina’s Long Legs and Stunning Face adds to her brimming sex appeal.

Long Leg Japanese Sex Doll Irina

Here bubble butt and luscious breasts will water your mouth. If you love petite Japanese figures and sweet faces, then Irina is the top choice for your companion.

When you get Irina in your hands, you will realize how easy it is living with her. She comes with an ideal size of 30 kg in weight, which makes it easy for you to move her around, lift her, and fuck her at any position you like.

Also, she won’t get fat, so the outfit and body curves will always be the same size.

Irina sex doll is 5 feet 5 inches tall (165 cm), accompanied by 31 inches bust, 21 inches waist, and 30 inches hips.

This is not bad for a young Japanese teen’s body, right?

Irina With Perfect Body

Besides this, what I loved most is her remarkable combination of the sexy little face and her beautiful curvy body.

But one thing that takes the immense credit is that Vaginal, Anal, and Oral sex is possible with this beauty ready to give you unforgettable pleasure.

She comes with a 6.7 inches vagina and anus and 5.1 inches mouth sufficient for most dick sizes.

You can place her in any position you like and fuck her by the vagina or even give her a good anal.

You can also give her a sweet oral while staring at the tender attractive face and those beautiful eyes full of submission that will certainly melt your heart. All three openings offer you endless possibilities and combinations.

Finally, Irina has a flexible skeleton and movable joints that will enable you to place her in crazy positions you always wish for that an ordinary girl would not dare to be in.

In short, Irina will make you fall in love.

She is currently searching for a kind man to share her sweet romance and get into passionate sex with. Is that prince charming you?

Irina Sex Doll Review: Customer Testimonials

There are a lot of happy customers who love Irina.

They agree that it’s sexy, beautiful, has high-quality material, and an excellent buy, just like the sample pictures. Here are some of the random customer testimonials.

Irina Sex Doll Customer Testimonials

Exactly as in the photo!

“The product delivered is exactly as the photos in the description. Very sexy and perfect body. I’m happy and satisfied with the buy.”


Best body!

“This body is too perfect, I like it.”


Irina Motivates Jason to Work out!

“I love her. She is impeccably designed with beautiful face. She inspires me to work out more when am having her with me. Thanks!”


Where Can You Buy Irina Sex Dolls?

1. Silicon Wives

Irina Sex Doll Review SiliconWives

Irina Japanese sex doll is available at Silicon Wives for as low as $ 1,899. This is a massive discount from the previous price of $2199.

You also have an alternative payment plan of as low as $117 per month with Klarna for eighteen months, which estimates to a total of $2106.

Silicon Wives offer free international shipping with a three weeks total delivery time, which includes two weeks of processing time plus one week for shipping. They also assure you discreet packaging by delivering a completely unlabeled and plain box.

Irina Sex Doll Customer Testimonials

2. WM Dolls Shop

Wm Dolls Shop Irina Doll

This sex store offers the most expensive option, with the Irina sex doll going for $2,600.

However, they provide more customization with up to 15 different hair-styles and 13 toenail colors. You can pay via PayPal.

Conclusion For “Irina Sex Doll Review”

Sex dolls provide a fabulous entryway to exploring a world of unlimited sexual fantasies.

When you decide to buy a sex doll, you are not getting a silicone or plastic toy with a human look.

On the other hand, you are acquiring a new partner who will always be ready and willing to give you delicious sexual pleasure.

Irina Japanese Sex Doll is specially designed for you to say goodbye to loneliness. You will even fall in love with her at first sight before you get in bed with her.

I hope you like this article, “Irina Sex Doll Review” and I believe that you understand more about Irina now. Would you like to get her as your sex companion?



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